Electric Tiger Demo Slot: Theme and All Experiences

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At first glance, the moniker Electric Tiger demo slot can conjure up pictures of jungle creatures. However, this colorful slot game is centered around a more traditional, Vegas-style theme, providing players with much more excitement than is initially apparent. Despite being a classic slot, it is by no means monotonous. It’s likely to get you excited to play because it’s bursting with neon lights, exciting music effects, and straightforward but interesting bonus features.

The Electric Tiger demo slot video, a creation of gaming company IGT, is yet another superb addition to the 2018 releases. It might initially appear to be just another traditional slot machine with fruity symbols and little bonus features, but we’re not against that either. 

But because the Wheel Bonus feature is so entertaining, this slot falls between a classic slot and a video slot. With only 15 paylines (which is fewer than many video slots offer), this feature is truly what makes the game appealing because this is where you’ll get your highest prizes.

As the wild symbol, the Electric Tiger demo slot itself can be substituted for other symbols to complete your paylines and result in a win. The game becomes much more lucrative and, well, electrifying thanks to wilds’ ability to spread to fill a whole reel. 

This newest release from IGT is undoubtedly one to check out if you’re looking for fast-paced, Vegas-style action in a slot game at your online casino. The bigger the wheel that awaits you in vivid neon colors, the more you’ll want to play the more you spin.

Theme – Classic Vegas-Style Action

Imagine what it would be like to play in Las Vegas for real, spinning away at a lucrative slot with a curious crowd encouraging you on. That is the sentiment that Electric Tiger has attempted to convey through the images and sound effects. The crowd will roar each time you win or advance to a new level in the bonus round. There is nothing that can keep you spinning like that feeling.

The graphics are clean and sophisticated in a way that only a true Vegas-style slot machine could be, despite being strikingly bright and showy. All of the conventional fruit emblems are present, but they have been given a sparkling makeover with diamonds. Along the route, in addition to the main tiger sign, you’ll see a lot of gemstones.

The four-leaf clover, which can increase your wager by up to 14 times, and the bell and horseshoe, both of which can increase it by up to a whopping 20 times, are the symbols you should particularly be on the lookout for. Because of this, we’ve mentioned that Electric Tiger fits halfway between the categories of a classic slot and a video slot. Although it initially seems straightforward, once you start playing, there are lots of additional ways to boost your winning potential.

Electrifying Bonus Features

The wheel is by far the most thrilling additional element in Electric Tiger. You’ll start the Gateway Bonus whenever a star sign lands on the third reel. This will then provide you the opportunity to participate in the Wheel Bonus or the Wheel Shot Bonus. There are four spinning wheels hidden in the game that are arranged in increasing size. Each wheel has either left- or right-pointing arrows and various win values to land on.

You will start playing on the smallest wheel on the far left if the Wheel Shot Bonus is the destination of the Gateway Bonus. Then you’ll spin the wheel to find out how much you won, and if the arrow points in the proper direction, you’ll move on to the next wheel to try for a higher payout. Up until the largest wheel on the far right, this will keep happening. 

However, the bonus round will stop and you’ll be taken back to the regular game if you start landing on arrows pointing left and travel past the smallest wheel. You’ll be able to spin the biggest wheel and compete for the biggest wins right away if you’re fortunate enough to have the Wheel Bonus as your gateway bonus.

You should keep an eye out for the wild tiger symbol in addition to the wheel bonuses. The wild can increase your wager up to 120 times, giving you the chance to win a significantly larger payoff in addition to replacing other symbols to complete paylines. This feature is just as gripping as the bonus round because wilds have the ability to spread across the entire reel to create even more lucrative paylines.

Pay for Thrills or Play to Pay the Bills

This five-reel, fifteen-payline slot machine has a rather straightforward gameplay. Before using real money to play the game, it does help to play a few rounds for entertainment. 

This will enable you to comprehend the operation of the wheel and the general frequency of the feature. Fortunately, Electric Tiger does provide a demo version that can be played online at reputable casino such as mega888 without having to download anything and uses virtual credits rather than real money.

Once you understand how it works, we anticipate that you will begin to appreciate how entertaining and profitable these games can be and that you will want to start playing for real money to turn your winnings into real money or play a demo! Make sure you read the rules first, as it doesn’t seem like Electric Tiger is legal to play everywhere.

Looks – A Perfect Balance

We looked at other slot games with comparable characteristics to give you a better understanding of the gaming style of Electric Tiger. Break the Lines from Noble Gaming, a classic slot machine, sprang to mind because its multiplier and free games features were similar to those of Electric Tiger.

It isn’t quite as captivating as the Electric Tiger demo slot, though, as a true vintage fruit machine. Additionally, it doesn’t have quite as much winning potential because of its fewer paylines and lack of growing wild elements. 

We may also compare Electric Tiger to Playtech’s video slot Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra, however this one has more paylines and no extra features. We believe that Electric Tiger strikes a good mix between these two sorts of slots, making up for the lack of paylines with a furious bonus round.

Finale: Prepare to Be Electrified

Not all of us have the time or resources to go to Vegas at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, we can experience the exhilaration we crave in the comfort of our own homes thanks to games like Electric Tiger demo slot. 

The developer IGT did well to design a game that combines all the excitement and engagement of a video slot with the straightforwardness of a basic slot. You’ll enjoy playing for the Wheel Bonus, and the positive feedback from the audience will motivate you to play for the greatest payouts.

The lucrative extra features will grab your attention if the vibrant neon colors and catchy soundtrack don’t, and before you know it, you’ll want to start playing for real money to experience the authentic Vegas thrills for yourself!

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