Mempawah Hulu Police Secure 4 Gaple Gambling Players

In the context of eradicating community diseases (pekati), especially in the jurisdiction of the Mempawah Hulu Police, members of the Mempawah Hulu Police recently managed to secure 4 gaple gamblers on Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 14.00 WIB.

The four suspects were caught playing cards at a stall owned by SL in Saba’u Hamlet, Salumang Village.

The arrests of the 4 suspects that played gaple cards were carried out by members of the Mempawah Hulu Police, led by the Head of Bareskrim, Bripka Adventus Veno, SH.

The four suspects who are residents of a Sebau Hamlet, Salumang Village, Mempawah Hulu District with the initials of the four suspects are PN (26), MK (45), AP (41), and AL (27),.

“Together with the four suspects, we secured several pieces of evidence, namely 269 thousand cash and a pack of GOBHUI branded cards,” said Veno.

He explained that the whereabouts of the four suspected card players were based on information from residents who were already feeling very uneasy about the activities at the SL shop.

Head of Bareskrim Mempawah Hulu Bripka Adventus Veno SH, when confirmed, said that the four suspects who had been arrested were now at the Mempawah Hulu Police for further investigation.

In accordance with the police report issued under number LP / 137-A / XI / RES.1.12 / 2020 / Kalbar / Res Landak / Sek.Mpw Hulu.

Kapolsek Mempawah Hulu Iptu Asep Tabroni, when contacted, added that the West Kalimantan Regional Police were currently conducting Kapuas 2020 Concentration Operations.

Where, the aim of this operation is to eradicate drugs, alcohol, prostitution, brawl, fireworks / fireworks, firearms and sharp weapons. And gambling is one of the goals of Operation Pekat Kapuas 2020.

According to the Chief of Police, the Kapuas operation was carried out for 17 days. The operation starts from November 10 to November 27, 2020.

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With the implementation of the 2020 Kapuas Operation, it is hoped that the Mempawah Hulu Police area will be free from any activities that violate the law and several activities that are classified as community diseases, in order to keep the situation safe and conducive.

This news was also published in with the title Mempawah Hulu Police Successfully Secured 4 Players of Gaplek Card Gambling.