The Best Gambling Movie that is Exciting and Entertaining

Watching movies about gambling can make you aware of things outside of everyday life. Usually the best gambling films cause new and continuous phenomena and are packaged using more interesting cinematics and concepts.

The number of gambling films will bring up phenomena such as drugs, power, thugs, debt collectors, violence and manipulation.

However, through the film many meanings are inserted about the dangers and effects of gambling. So that you can not only watch interesting gambling scenes and actions, but also can see the other side of the gambler’s life and what the effects are.

Through this film, several online gambling game service owners were inspired to manage their sites with various gambling strategies. Like gambling with tricks, various Racun Hadiah to officially sertifikat keamanan berlisensi as charms are presented. That way, many new members are stuck entering the site.

On the other hand, the owner of the GarudaGame site also urges gambling activities not to become addictive. Because after all, gambling has a very bad impact, and must be treated wisely and with maturity.

This will make the audience aware and take a good mark. The best gambling films we recommend have high ratings on IMDB and are available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Iflix, Viu and others.

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List of Best Gambling Movies

Here is a suggestion for a list of Moodster’s versions of the best fun gambling movies to watch.

Films about math gambling: 21 (2008)

Looks different from the usual gambling movies, 21 makes you think a little while watching it. The reason is, the film will make the audience even more curious because gambling is associated with mathematics.

This best gambling film tells the story of a group of students who major in MIT and use mathematics as part of a game of blackjack at a casino in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, apart from the fun of gambling, they also get a sad statement. Students earn money easily and end up getting exams.

Casino Royale (2006)

This gambling film is a fairly well-known film. Surely you are familiar with veteran actor Daniel Craig who plays James Bond. The agent this time is 007 working on a gambling case.

Agent 007 is on a mission to spy on terrorists. The terrorist is Le Chiffre. He is a bank official who is known for funding terrorist activities in the world.

The terrorists are planning to raise quite a large amount of money through gambling and poker. Then James Bond has the task of making Le Chiffre give up and lose the game. The main mission, James Bond is in charge of destroying the systems in the organization.

Killing Them Softly (2012)

The next gambling film is an adaptation of the famous novel Cogan’s Trade released in 1974. The film tells the story of a group of amateur criminals who want to rob illegal gambling. The gambling venue is located in the area operated by Mob.

This finally made Mob want to take revenge on some of the robbers by using assassins.

One of the killers is Jackie Cogan. In this film, you will be presented with a very interesting chase from assassins and robbers. No wonder this film has received a very positive response since its premiere.

The Cooler (2003)

In contrast to ordinary gambling films, The Cooler does not present gambling tricks, gambling’s wealth and glory, to cheating, but rather tells about amateur gamblers but has interesting skills.

The main character is a man named Bernie who has such an interesting skill that the casino owner turns to him. Bernie is hired to determine the fate of gamblers in casinos. Not only that, on one occasion, it turned out that he fell in love with one of the cocktail waitresses at the casino.

Molly’s Game (2017)

This gambling film is very interesting because it is adapted from a true story. In addition, the main character who is a woman makes this gambling cinema even more attractive. A former skier named Molly Bloom eventually became both a gambler and a trader.

This film shows the twists and turns of the journey and that is what makes it even more interesting. Molly’s character is a persistent and ambitious person. Molly worked hard to become a skier thanks to her father’s encouragement.

Interestingly, when her dreams were destroyed, Molly never gave up. Then he decided to organize and continue living in LA until he finally decided to enter the world of gambling.

Runner Runner (2013)

This gambling cinema tells the story of two characters, Ivan Block and Richie. Richie is a student with a bad economy, he tries to finance his studies by using his skills playing online gambling.

It turns out that this best gambling film tells the story of Richie who is faced with a situation where he is tricked while gambling. He decides to visit Costa Rica and intends to meet the owner of a gambling site, Ivan. Unexpectedly, Richie’s meeting will take him to the other side of the world of gambling that he has never experienced before.