The difference between the Singapore lottery and the Hong Kong lottery

The lottery game has become one of the long-known games but it turns out that there are also differences between Singapore Togel and Hong Kong Togel. In the world of betting games, lottery games are known as toto games or sometimes lotteries. This type of game is very diverse, starting from how to play it, how to draw it, the type of bet, to the country of origin.

These types of lottery vary when viewed from their country of origin. Some examples include Singapore lottery, Hong Kong lottery, Sydney, Amsterdam, and so on. With so many games, lottery lovers have quite a lot of game choices and can be used for a variety of game choices.

In Southeast Asia and Asia, the most well-known lottery games are the Singapore lottery and Hong Kong lottery games. The difference between the Singapore Togel and the Hong Kong Togel is in the mention. Singapore lottery is known as SGP lottery and Hong Kong lottery is labeled HK lottery. Both actually have similarities because the lottery game is basically the same. For popularity, the two are almost equal and even. In Indonesia, these two games are considered to be one of the most popular betting games in the lottery world, you know.

With this high level of popularity, it’s no wonder that this game is widely known by various groups, especially gambling players. Singapore lottery and Hong Kong lottery are games that are played in many places and in many circles. However, these two games have differences. Then, what distinguishes the two games in their development?

Types of Singapore Lottery

Hearing the word Singapore, you will usually immediately think of the very famous Merlion statue. However, for gambling lovers, Singapore can also be identified with the Singapore lottery game or SGP. This game has been around for a long time in Singapore and has entered Indonesia since the 1990s. At that time the Singapore lottery game was played manually and conventionally. Players will queue up to the pool to buy a coupon and then fill it out. Then they will fill it in with a predicted number and re-enter it by placing a bet.

For the draw, this game is played live and supervised by the authorities. In fact, the local government also participated in this game. This also minimizes the potential for cheating from the lottery game. The drawing of this lottery number will usually only be held on certain days. The draw or bet result is drawn on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile, Mondays and Thursdays are used for local gambling lotteries. While Tuesday and Friday are closed.

The existence of government support in this lottery game is proven by the existence of an authorized institution there. The government also levies taxes on this popular SGP lottery. No wonder this game is legalized in that country. However, this game can only be played under the government, otherwise it is considered illegal gambling.

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The difference between Singapore Togel and Hong Kong Togel or HK Togel

Hearing this name, you will definitely imagine the country Hong Kong. But, make no mistake, this game doesn’t come from real Hong Kong. This lottery game actually originates from Indonesia, you know. How can this game originate from Indonesia even though it takes the name Hong Kong? This is related to the prohibition of lottery games in Indonesia. To disguise it, people used to name Hong Kong so that it didn’t sound like it was in Indonesia.

This game is also quite popular. Hong Kong lottery is widely known by gamblers, as is the SGP lottery. This HK lottery is widely played in remote areas because of its simple playing system so that they will play this game easily. This game began to appear in 2004. Although not as old as the SGP lottery, the Hong Kong or HK lottery immediately won a place in the hearts of gambling and lottery lovers.

If the SGP lottery is drawn only on certain days, this game is different. The Hong Kong lottery will be drawn every day and you can see who wins that day. Taking lottery results is also done directly or live so that there is no cheating in the process of taking lottery numbers.

Those were some brief reviews about the differences between Singapore lottery and Hong Kong lottery. In the same way, there is a noticeable difference in the timing of the draw.

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