The History & Conspiracy Behind the Popularity of Casino Roulette Gambling

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We give a little description about the casino roulette gambling game in the early days of this roulette wheel. The roulette gambling game at that time could only be played by nobles and other upper class people. The reason is because the game of roulette requires a lot of capital. No wonder this game is included in the classy game list even today.

Today’s casino roulette gambling still shows its class by being placed as an option for expensive gambling games. The gambling table and supporting equipment just look so luxurious. The bet value that is played is also not a small amount.

Roulette Gambling in the Digital Age

Did you know, online casino games first existed in the world in 1996. At that time, internet technology had begun to be frequently used by the public. Unfortunately the casino games that were released and could be played at that time were only a few types. For example, online slot machine games and online blackjack card games. Online casino roulette gambling games were only released a few years later.

With this internet technology, the convenience of playing online gambling is increasingly felt. Casino houses, which were initially busy, experienced a decline in the number of visitors. Even so, the casino continues to make profits. There are still many gambling lovers who feel more comfortable channeling their gambling hobby directly or face-to-face at the gambling table at land casinos.

Roulette Game Options in the Digital Age

Regarding online casino roulette gambling, a player has various roulette game options. In general, there are 3 different roulette options that can be played online. The three options include: European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette. These three roulette game options are based on the place where the roulette wheel was first created. These three roulette options also offer different rules of the game.

Casino roulette gambling players can certainly feel the real casino atmosphere because indeed each game is supported by quality graphics that describe conditions that are very similar to real casinos. It’s just that the players can feel this atmosphere visually that is presented via Smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Thanks to advances in information technology that we have applied in this all-digital era, recently there has been a new breakthrough in the world of online gambling. This new breakthrough allows online gambling players, especially online casino roulette gambling, to get a different gaming experience than usual.

Now there is supporting technology for online gambling sites that allows players to interact in real-time with the dealer. The dealer on duty is not a robotic device like the previous online dealers, but a real dealer whose actions are recorded live via webcam.

When the casino roulette game starts, the dealer actually spins the roulette wheel which is also a real roulette wheel. The appearance of this casino roulette game is certainly very real. The overall appearance that appears on the screen of the device is the live casino appearance. Really cool and extraordinary.

The Conspiracy Behind the Creation of the Roulette Wheel

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As previously mentioned that the roulette wheel was first made by a French physicist, mathematician, and inventor, Blaise Pascal, apparently there is a conspiracy related to the discovery of this roulette wheel.

Reportedly the type of European roulette wheel or better known as European Roulette which has 37 numbers has mystical powers. Many European people believe that Blaise Pascal once sold his soul to the devil or the devil in order to reveal the secrets of this European Roulette game. This story later became a legend that is believed to be today.

You lovers of conspiracy theories are no stranger to the triple six, aka 666. Triple Six is ​​believed to be a combination of demon numbers or demon numbers. The numbers on the roulette wheel if we add up will be the devil’s number. Because of this, many people believe that the game of roulette gambling has a close relationship with the devil. Many also say that roulette is a game of the devil.

Roulette Prohibition in Indonesia

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But if we relate to the moral and religious values ​​that apply in our society, not only roulette, other types of gambling are also included in the satanic game because it has the potential to plunge the players into the abyss of adversity, poverty and suffering. It is for this reason that all kinds of gambling practices are prohibited in our country.

In order to discipline society so as not to approach the world of gambling, the government has established strict legal rules. Both land gambling and online gambling have entered into the list of violations both in terms of law and the prevailing order of values ​​in society.

Article 303 and Article 303 bis KUHP very clearly impose legal sanctions for anyone who deliberately plays, distributes, provides facilities, and makes gambling a livelihood. The legal sanctions are in the form of imprisonment for 10 years and a fine of 50 million rupiah.

Online gambling also does not escape the legal traps that have been decided by the government. Especially for violations related to online gambling, the government has passed the ITE Law which in this article, it is very clear that anyone who is proven to spread content containing gambling elements, will be subject to legal sanctions.