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Tips Betting for Boxing for Daniel Jacobs vs. John Ryder

Answer us, who are seeking the tips betting for boxing? Don’t worry! In this following article, we will dig it up deeply only for you!

Daniel Jacobs – “I’m feeling elated, superb, and excited to have the opportunity to go out there and perform in a place where I know the energy is going to be through the roof”

Predict The Fight

When Daniel Jacobs lands in London this week to fight fellow super-middleweight John Ryder, he hopes to get his boxing career back on track – and the online boxing betting odds predict a close fight.

Jacobs earned the nickname “Miracle Man” after recovering from cancer a decade ago and going on to have a successful boxing career.

After losses to Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin a few years ago, the former WBA and IBF middleweight champion is looking for one final shot at glory at the age of 35.

Jacobs meets a challenger in Ryder who is also looking to rekindle his career after his most recent defeat two years ago. Since then, the British fighter has won two fights and has been content to travel to obtain the wins.

Ryder might cause an upset in the sports betting odds in front of a home crowd in London on Saturday. So, let’s see how these guys are shaping up…

Jacobs vs Ryder Odds

Jacobs is fighting from an unfamiliar position on Saturday, but the American is still the -165 favorite to win. That demonstrates the trust many US sports betting enthusiasts have in the New Yorker, who, despite his diminished speed, still has a class in his fists.

In contrast, most bookies had Ryder as a +150 favorite to win this race. Given the perceived disparity in talent between the two competitors, those aren’t terrific odds.

The rationale for the market’s relative evenness is due to recent history. Jacobs hasn’t fought since November 2020, a period in which Ryder has won two fights.

This could be significant in terms of boxing knowledge. Despite this, the bookmakers still believe the Americans will win.

Jacobs vs Ryder Stats

Career recordDaniel JacobsJohn Ryder
Age35 (February 3, 1987)33 (July 19, 1988)
Reach73 inches72 inches
Last fightBeat Gabriel Rosado (SD), November 2020Beat Jozef Jurko (TKO 5th round), September 2021

Based on the numbers, these two appear to be a good match. Jacobs has a little larger physical frame than his opponent, but he is two years older and has a lot more experience.

It means that if the fight goes all the way to the 12th round, Ryder may have the upper hand — despite Jacobs’ record to the contrary.

Ryder doesn’t need the extra distance to finish battles. On his road to earning the WBA interim super-middleweight title in 2019, he knocked out five of his last seven opponents, including Bilal Akkawy.

Jacobs, in particular, is known for relying on points to gain victories. His ability to control a conflict is admirable. On the judges’ scorecards, Jacobs has won four of his last six fights, and his loss against Canelo was close 116-112, 115-113, 115-113. 

The main question for the American is if he can go the distance in his first fight in 15 months at the age of 35.

Jacobs vs Ryder Tips Betting for Boxing

Jacobs has confessed that he needs to “adapt” to fighting in front of a hostile crowd in London. After all, the last time he fought outside of the United States was in Puerto Rico in 2014 against Milton Nuez.

“I have all the tools inside of my arsenal to be the victor by the end of the night. It is up to me to adjust to anything. I may need to switch certain things around,” Jacobs told SN.

“I do see myself being the better fighter. I know he has a lot to gain and a lot to lose. That is the case for every fighter every time they step inside the ring. We’re both in the same situation.”

As a result, Jacobs, like the bookies, perceives himself as the favorite. And it’s probably a good idea to bet on Jacobs to win. His –165 odds are far better than those of previous battles like Keith Thurman’s points victory over Mario Barrios.

A straight bet on Jacobs may be the best choice here. And if you’re looking for an upset by betting on Ryder, the prop bets might be the way to go…

Jacobs vs Ryder Prop Bets

Indeed, Ryder is the favorite in boxing prop bets for this fight. As we’ve seen, the Brit is usually quick out of the start and could try to catch Jacobs off guard in the first round.

Between the fourth and sixth rounds, the chances of it happening are +1400. This has a far bigger potential reward than a money line bet on Ryder, but it also has a much higher risk.

The bookies believe that Jacobs defeating Ryder on points (+120) is the most likely means of winning. That contradicts previous Daniel Jacobs statistics, which indicate that he is more likely to concentrate on impressing the judges than on landing a knockout strike.

Indeed, if you don’t want to bet on a Ryder KO, the reward is in betting for Jacobs to win on points. After all, the profit margin on this gamble is far higher than betting on the American to win. That is our betting for boxing tips and other important explanation for you, you can join reputable site like superitc! / Dy

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