Blood Moon Wilds Slot Review: Bonuses, RTP & Volatility

Halloween will soon be here, and those who enjoy exploring the darkest side of life will be captivated by Yggdrasil’s Blood Moon Wilds Slot. The timing is ideal for All Hallows Eve when the chasm between this world and the afterlife is the thinnest. For some people, a full moon might be a negative omen in the real world, but players will appreciate this sign because it starts a lot of the extra elements in the game. Yes, this is the werewolf’s ancestral home.

Once again, Yggdrasil Gaming demonstrates its prowess in the field of world construction. Excellent graphics, a spooky synth soundtrack, and equally spooky sounds bring the werewolf motif to life. The traditional 5×3 grid takes place at nighttime in Victorian-era New Orleans, surrounded by wolves and moons.

If you still don’t get it, we’re not talking about a fun fruit machine here. The atmosphere is excellent, and the creator has set the stage well for some intense gaming.

The first step is to select a wager, ranging from 10 cents/pence at the lowest end to £/€100 at the highest. There are auto spins available to speed through a session, which may be a smart option given that there may be some downtime. Despite having mild volatility, the slot while testing felt higher.

With a respectable RTP of 96.2% and a respectable top prize that may be worth the wait, it does have the potential to pay up. When you press “play,” the moons above the reels will also begin to rotate. The Lunar Calendar, as it is known, has a role in this, as you’ll see below, so it’s not just for show.

The low end of the paytable is made up of appealing card symbols. While a ragtag group of people at the top has one distinctive quality that you may probably anticipate… The leader of the group is the fierce-looking woman in red, with five of her paying out 50 times your wager. Overall, there are no issues with the original game paytable, which is enhanced even more by the assortment of supplementary features. 

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Blood Moon Wilds Slot: Features

blood moons slot

Features may be randomly dropped or may be triggered, keeping with the chaotic concept. Let’s start by examining the moons above the reels since they are the most visible oddity. It shows the current moon phase and is referred to as the Lunar Calendar function.

All of the visible high-pay symbols on the grid change into werewolf wilds if the reels stop spinning and land on a full moon. A crimson blood moon is introduced to the lunar calendar while you are in free spins. The high-pay symbols become werewolf wilds if this moon lands, and they remain locked in place for the remainder of the feature. Later, more on that.

At any moment during the base game or the free spins, 1 of 4 random features may emerge.

  • Full Moon Nudge: The moon is nudged from whatever phase it is in to create a full moon or blood moon.
  • Win Multiplier: The spin is given a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, or x5.
  • Wild Transformation: This feature makes a high-paying symbol wild.
  • One more free spin symbol is added to the reels by the extra free spin symbol. At least two free spin symbols must appear on the grid either during the main game or the free spins round.

The scatter symbol in Blood Moon Wilds Slot is a large red diamond, and you need at least 3 of them to start the free spins. More symbols equate to more bonus spins:

  • Two free spins are given for two scatter symbols (only available during the free spins round).
  • 7 free spins are awarded for 3 scatter symbols.
  • 10 free spins are awarded for 4 scatter symbols.
  • 12 free spins are awarded for 5 scatter symbols.
  • 20 free spins are awarded 6 scatter symbols (only available with an additional scatter symbol from the random feature).

As previously mentioned, the free spins round can also be reactivated. Keep in mind that the free spins feature can be retriggered with just 2 scatter symbols to provide 2 more spins. Read more here if you are curious to learn about other slots with the same features or bonuses!

Blood Moon Wilds Slot: Verdict

A software business that isn’t hesitant to delve into the more mysterious aspects of life is Yggdrasil Gaming. The film Vikings Go to Hell gave us a taste of that in the past. Blood Moon Wilds Slot never goes overboard, yet it is evocative and brilliantly uses the features to fit the concept. For instance, using the lunar calendar to create the werewolf wilds is a wonderful touch and a clever way to incorporate the full moon mythology.

Things like this show the crew at Yggdrasil’s maturity and innovation. They didn’t just randomly select a subject, come up with a few symbols, and design a background to go with it. Other werewolf slots can be found online that do that. But there’s no need to point fingers because Blood Moon Wilds Slot is arguably one of your greatest options if you’re in the mood for a werewolf-themed slot.

Of course, a top spot is more than just good appearance and deft theme use. Additionally, Blood Moon Wilds Slot offers financial benefits to support the adventure. You can expect to win 5,000 times your stake from a single spin if you cover the entire grid with images of the red lady and add an x5 multiplier. It is a character that will appeal to people who aren’t even followers of the dark side.

By the way, we mean dark in a comical sense; it’s on the spectrum, but it’s not frightening. More casual players will likely be turned off by the volatility of the game than by the quantity of losing spins that result from it. Once more, Yggdrasil has taken a detour into uncharted waters with a captivating, peculiar, yet lucrative slot.

As a final thought. We recently evaluated The Wolf’s Night by NetEnt, which is their entry into the 2018 Halloween slot season, and we have to admit that Blood Moon Wilds Slot comes out on top. Obviously, some of you may disagree, but in our opinion, Yggdrasil’s interpretation of the werewolf theme looks a little better, the features are more enjoyable, and the potential is much better. Both games will ultimately appeal to various people, and we should be grateful that there is something out there for everyone. happy spooky season and feel free to visit my other blog at if you want more slot review articles. Good luck!