Crypto and Esports Online Gambling Collaboration

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Cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies have recently been highlighted by investment enthusiasts. In addition, the use of this type of currency has also begun to be widely used for online games that use betting. One of the most popular is esports online gambling.

The existence of esports in recent times has also had a tremendous impact on the world of gambling. Esport is no longer a video game, but a world-class prestigious competition that has a lot of interest.

For example in Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These three esports games are very popular. Several world teams compete with their respective strengths and are already on par with other sports competitions.

This potential is of course exploited by gambling actors, especially online gambling. Recent developments have even shown that esports online gambling is on the rise. Moreover, the addition of cryptocurrency as a betting tool is increasingly creating modern online games.

Use of Crypto in Esports Online Gambling

Despite the many controversies, the world of gambling is a game that is not dead. This game is very adaptable to change so that it can continue to innovate. The presence of games such as gambling that can be done online has shown that conventional gambling can be done in a more modern way.

The presence of blockchain, which has recently been highlighted, also supports the world of gambling to innovate more. Because those who are joined through the platform in the blockchain system allow users to pay bets with Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has become a valuable currency in the last five years. Virtual money, which has price speculation going up and down, is still popular even though its value is uncertain.

Bitcoin is becoming the king of cryptocurrency controlling virtual financing. The design of bitcoin is not for gambling, but now bitcoin online betting is very popular. But it is able to pave the way for other types of cryptocurrencies in the gambling field. So it’s not surprising that many esports gaming sites use cryptocurrency in them.

One of the big blockchains and very popular in esports online gambling that use cryptocurrency for payments is TRON and EOS. Both have platforms for online gaming. Of course, there are so many enthusiasts.

When esports began to rise and became one of the events in the competition, cryptocurrency entered as a medium for payment of bets. So it is not surprising that modernization is felt here.

One of the game platforms that are members of the TRON regards, namely 1xBit, has an advantage here. This platform is one of the gaming and gambling platforms that uses cryptocurrency in its payments.

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This platform accepts 20 types of payments using cryptocurrency. So do not be surprised if then many enthusiasts of this game are turning to payments with cryptocurrency rather than cash.

Esports that are currently triumphant are also partnered with this type of platform. Of course, the collaboration between esports and cryptocurrency gaming will bring up a new innovation and progress in the world of gambling.

Getting to Know Crypto in Esports Online Gambling Games

Since 2013, the use of cryptocurrency has started to be widely used. Although limited to only a few uses, cryptocurrencies have taken a huge leap forward in the world of digital finance.

Cryptocurrency itself is a type of digital asset that does not require an intermediary, for example, a bank in its management. So that transactions carried out only involve two parties.

The plus point of the collaboration between providers and cryptocurrencies is that it minimizes ineffectiveness. Both are objects that exist in the digital world, so combining them will make it easier for users because it is efficient and safer.

In addition, cryptocurrencies can be converted into different types. So when someone buys bitcoin, they can convert it into TRX coin or other types. So it is not surprising that service provider sites accept various cryptocurrencies in one account.

For example in 1xBit, the site accepts up to 20 cryptocurrencies for playing. Its relatively easy use makes many people switch to this system compared to regular gaming.

The games that use the most of these cryptocurrencies are usually casinos and esports. The casino was chosen because this type of gambling is widely practiced by many people and is well known. Meanwhile, esports was chosen because it has a lot of user opportunities considering that this type of sport is currently in vogue.

Crypto Trends in Online Millennials

The investments made to secure economic assets vary widely. In the face of the threat of an economic recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have flocked to invest.

For the elderly group, investment is still mostly made into equities such as gold. Meanwhile, for the young group, investment is mostly made in the digital realm. This investment is mostly done because it is easier.

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One of the most popular is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have experienced an upward trend during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cryptocurrency today has an already high value.

In some countries, cryptocurrency legalization policies are also widely implemented. Several policies were also drawn up to facilitate the development of cryptocurrency in their country. This opportunity is seen because of its very profitable value.