How to Hack Online Gambling Sites on the EOS Blockchain

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Online gambling for some gamblers is certainly not a new one. This game that uses internet system and exists in cyberspace makes people easier to do transaction and play. With this system, it is not surprising that any people finding way of how to hack online gambling sites to steal money.

Some individuals in cyberspace commit cybercrime with a specific purpose. One way is to hack online gambling sites. Online gambling sites, of course, have prepared sophisticated security so that the site is not easily hacked.

Recently, online gambling games have been adapted to the blockchain system. A system in which operations are carried out based on a block chain and are integrated with each other. One of the advantages of online gambling on the blockchain is that it makes the transaction process easier.

The currency used in this system is not in the form of real money. The money used is virtual money. Virtual money in the blockchain world is known as crypto currency or cryptocurrency. One of them is Bitcoin, so that Bitcoin online gambling become very popular among the gambler. So with this type of currency, gambling players can make bets with various types of cryptocurrencies that apply.

Virtual money that is stored in the e-wallet system can be infiltrated by parties who want to commit crimes. Even though the blockchain system is claimed to have good security, of course there must be an opportunities to hack online gambling sites by some people who want to steal money. As in online gambling, the EOS system has been hacked by the user himself.

People Hack Online Gambling Sites by Using REX

The EOS blockchain is one of the largest blockchains that is quite competitive in dominating the market. EOS has a dApp or application decentralization system, making it easier for its platform to develop. The advantage in EOS is that it offers a variety of online games and gambling.

EOSPlay is an online gambling platform that has many users. Of the millions of users, a report was found that this online gambling system was hacked by one of its players. People hack online gambling sites to take the money in the system.

These hackers even pretend to be playing online gambling in it. He used $ 1000 as a lure and stole more than $ 110,000 in cryptocurrency. He did this by exploiting the gambling game on the EOSPlay platform.

The hack in this online gambling game uses REX on EOS. This bug allows a person to steal as much as 30,000 EOS. REX is used to ensure that each block has been filled with the transaction.

REX itself is a DeFi (decentralized finance) platform or decentralized financial service. In fact, REX is said to be the largest in its lineup with a comfortable margin of as well as 331 million on the EOS.

Post Hack Disadvantages

The perpetrator of the hack in online gambling EOS used as much as 300 EOS cryptocurrency or the equivalent of 1,200 dollars to be able to arrange an attack strategy. With this then he can make the system win in a row and exploit the game.

Due to this hack, visitors to online gambling on EOS felt the system had become problematic. Other users stated that the network could not be used for dApps or e-wallets.

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Some users also stated that the system is running slower and indicates that the network is under attack. However, EOS itself makes a statement that this hack does not affect system performance. This problematic network is probably caused by excessive bandwidth usage.

This hack, which was carried out by exploiting digital money in online gambling on EOS, caused losses. EOS lost more than 100,000. With this, EOS will further strengthen the existing security system.

The Hack on the EOS Online Slot Gambling System Didn’t Make It Crash

The hacks or hacks carried out on the online gambling of the EOS system do not make this type of blockchain shaky. EOS continues to gain and keep going. The prices of the currencies contained in EOS go through various fluctuating cycles.

In 2018, the existence of crypto currencies was indeed weakening and experiencing a relatively dropping price. As they enter 2019, some of these cryptocurrencies have seen a boom. There is at least a 39 percent increase in prices.

EOS is indeed relatively new in its field. This blockchain was only launched in 2017. In mid-2018, the price of EOS was at 22.89 US dollars. When crypto prices plummeted simultaneously at the end of 2018, EOS hit a low of $ 1.56.

The hack carried out in the recent online gambling is not a significant problem for EOS. Because this system has crashed and experienced the lowest price.

With its various strategies, EOS started to crawl up again in just a short time. Within two weeks, the price of EOS had increased by 50 percent to US $ 2 per coin. After continuing to move up, EOS was able to shift Tether, Stellar, and Litecoin to fourth place.

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After observing the market, in 2020 EOS was able to rise and thrive after having slumped in 2018. Even today, EOS is the biggest competing with Ethereum and TRON which is engaged in the world of online gaming and gambling. So that the hack that was carried out some time ago on his online gambling did not have much effect on the system.