Merlins Mystical Multipliers Review

Merlins Mystical Multipliers Review: RTP 94.86% (Rival Gaming)

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Are you looking for the Merlins Mystical Multipliers review? With a 3-reel game, of all things, Rival Gaming shows that they are still capable of creating fantastic slot machines. The slot machine is called Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, and it has a magical theme. 

It brings us to the famous wizard’s study, which is very different from the wizard lairs that previous games have shown us. The benefits the game delivers are consistent with that, keeping it accessible to the majority of players and keeping it from becoming too unpredictable.

Summary of Merlins Mystical Multipliers Review

Three active lines will be present on each of the 3×3 reels in Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers. Wins of up to 600x the stake are possible, which is acceptable for a game with minimal volatility like this one, although the 94.86% RTP is less pleasing. Its key characteristics are 7x multiplier wilds. Find adventure in your best situs judi slot online terbaik.

1. Wagering Options

The minimum bet is $0.01, however there is potential for you to increase it since the highest amount allowed is $45 (or $15 per line). If we take into account the game’s unpredictability, the winnings that you can pursue appear to be reasonable. Given the risk involved, they have the potential to pay up to 600x the wager in a single spin.

Speaking of risk, the Return to Player is anticipated to be 94.86% over the long run, despite the volatility being low. One significant drawback of this game is that its payout percentage falls short of the 96% that we prefer to see in most slots.

2. Game Features

The main objective of the game is to create winning combinations on the three reels by lining up matching symbols along the three active lines, which are set in advance.

The Multiplier Wild symbol could be of assistance, which is fantastic whenever it does because any winnings created with its assistance will receive a 7x boost to the prizes won on that line. The representation of the wild is a 7x golden logo. All other accessible sorts of symbols can be switched out for wilds.

Additionally, the best payout will come from the wild’s own combos. You can receive payments of up to 600 coins each time there are three Multiplier Wilds on a single line (600x the stake for a full screen of wilds). 

However, even with wilds assisting on all lines, the best regular symbol only pays up to 420 times the wager (60x without wilds helping).

3. Design and Theme

Since the connection to King Arthur’s magician can only lead us to a slot machine where magic is the star, Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers instantly gives away the topic. 

The reels are in the study room of the magician, which is evidently high up in a tower. Instead of the typical dark laboratory that magic tends to be associated with, we see a spell book on the right and a telescope on the left, both with windows letting in plenty of light.

Another feature to admire in a slot machine with only three reels is that its symbols are themed. The top icon is a wild with a 7x multiplier, while other symbols include those featuring wizard hats, spell books, green potions, magic signs, owls, jewels, and cats.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Merlins Mystical Multipliers review, the fantastic design and fascinating multipliers that this slot machine offers the player may be sufficient for a casual player. However, an experienced player will probably stay away due to the low RTP and instability.

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