New Slots 2021; The Latest Slot Game Series

Online slot games are one type of android game that is very easy to play. To play this game, you don’t need a strategy or complicated skills that must be mastered. Just press the spin button, then you will start your game steps.

Online slot games themselves are a category of casino games that are widely distributed on the Google Play Store. You can find various recommendations for this type of online slot game on the Google Play Store developed by different game developers.

One that is fairly new on the Google Play Store is a free online slot game called NEW SLOTS 2021 - free casino games & slot machines.

NEW SLOTS 2021, the Latest Free Online Slot Game on the Play Store

As said before, NEW SLOTS 2021 is one of the relatively new online free slot games distributed on the Google Play Store. This Android slot game was developed by the game developer Three Wishes Slot Machines Game Studio.

The NEW SLOTS 2021 game is one of the slot game series produced by this game developer. Previously, Three Wishes Slot Machines Game Studio also released another slot game called Slots UP !.

In our opinion, the NEW SLOTS 2021 game is one game that has pretty charming game graphics. Every animation and slot machine theme in it is presented in HD quality. The game interface that is implemented is also very easy to understand, even for new players.

Not only that, this game is also equipped with a number of exciting game features in it. Just to name a few that we managed to breakdown were:

  • Welcome bonus (bonus coins at the start of the game amounting to 700,000 coins)
  • +100 slot machines (more than 100 variations of slot machines that you can play)
  • Offline mode (online slot game mode without internet connection)
  • Lucky Wheel / Fortune Wheel (Wheel of fortune where you can win more attractive bonuses)
  • Free spins (free lucky wheel spins that can be claimed every 2 hours)
  • Task and Quest (Quest and interesting tasks in each slot machine)

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Android Mobile Specifications To Play NEW SLOTS 2021 Games

As we mentioned earlier that this game has a fairly high game graphics. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a high-specification Android cellphone to play this NEW SLOTS 2021 game.

To play this free online slot game, you only need an Android cellphone with the 4.4 operating system (minimum). In addition, this game also has a file size that is not too big. So you don’t need to worry about the memory capacity of your Android cellphone.

About the Update of The NEW SLOTS 2021 Game

Talking about updates, this game recently received the latest update from its developer, Three Wishes Slot Machines Game Studio. In the latest update, adding Harvest Festival event updates and quests to this slot game.

With the recent update, the NEW SLOTS 2021 game is now available on the Google Play Store with version 21.2.

A few reviews and reviews from us regarding one of the newest free slot games online on the Google Play Store, NEW SLOTS 2021 - free casino games & slot machines. If you are a fan of casino games, especially slot machine games, then this game is one that you must try.

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