Platooners Slot Review: Features, Bonus & RTP

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Immerse yourself in the action of “Platooners,” a fantastic new action film that follows the development of a group of energetic recruits as they battle through an exciting bonus game to beat three snakes laden with gold and find their hidden treasures.

The show’s stars stumble and flail, uncontrollable but always eager to please. Watch them as they discharge heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades to provide the player with a degree of entertainment value unmatched by any other slot game.

ELK Studios’ 5-reel, 4-row Platooners Slot video slot has 178 paylines. It has three separate randomly triggered Action Spins in the main game as well as the Platooners vs. Snakes of Fortune bonus game and is available on all platforms with a wager amount between 0.20 and 100 EUR.

The premium symbols on the reels include medical bags, binoculars, knives, and plates; The most valuable one, in addition to the standard acronyms A, K, Q, J, and 10, awards 10x for 5 across a line.

Platooners Slot: Features

Movement Spins! are features that can be randomly triggered between regular spins. Any time after a spin, a Platooner could appear and start firing as the reels begin to spin once more. Each of the three platoon members has a unique method of engaging with the reels:

  • As the remaining reels come to a stop, the green Rockets Platooner fires rockets at reels 1 and 3, filling them with identical symbols and creating excellent odds of winning on multiple paylines.
  • When the reels are spinning, the red Grenades Platooner randomly places wild symbols on reels 3, 4, and 5 by tossing grenades in all directions.
  • After the first reel stops, the yellow Bullets Platooner shoots his heavy machine gun at reels 2 to 5, creating at least one payline for five matching symbols. A very fortunate play will result in a payline with five bonus symbols, which will trigger a quick entry into the bonus game with each round featuring all three Platooners Slot.

The Platooners vs. Snakes of Fortune bonus game, which begins with 15 rounds, is launched when three or more bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels. For the course of the rounds, the Platooners would alternate attacking the snake. But for every extra bonus symbol you manage to hit, you will activate additional attacks already from the start.

If you send in two platoons, the damage is doubled; if you send in three, the harm is tripled! The goal of the game is to fully eliminate the snake. When they succeed, the Platooners’ weapons will be improved, dealing more damage. Activating more attacking Platooners and receiving extra ammo are both possible during the bonus game. Really fortunate hits set off bombs, which harm larger portions of the snake. You can try this game at slot777.

The player advances to the next level by defeating a snake, which also results in significantly greater prizes.

Platooners Slot: Verdict

The maximum win on Platooners Slot medium variance slot machine is 2500x, and its RTP is 96.3%. In essence, Bloopers II has been enhanced with more features, better graphics, and increased potential. You will undoubtedly appreciate this one if you liked the classic Blooper slot.

This ELK slot is rather typical and doesn’t really provide any noteworthy surprises, either in terms of gameplay or visuals. It’s a mediocre slot machine, so most gamers will probably enjoy it for a few sessions at the very least before moving on. We played more than 50 bonuses throughout our test sessions, but we were unable to secure a single win of 100x or more, which caused us to quickly lose interest.

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