Rising Royals Slot Review: Bonuses, Paylines & Features

Rising Royals Slot Review. The latest slot machine from Just for the Win carries on its habit of producing stunningly attractive games that conceal modest returns and medium volatility. Slot machines with royal themes are rare but occasionally appear.

There is a chance for developers to have a significant influence and stake a claim in a relatively underserved market. Slots like Play n’ GO’s Royal Masquerade and the LeoVegas original Royal Family from Yggdrasil are competitors. How do Rising Royals compare, then?

The regal theme is the first, and it has a lot of potential because of the elaborate, exaggerated imagery that may be utilized. Rising Royals concentrates on France in the 18th century, as opposed to the Royal Masquerade, which was centered on the upper classes of Italy. As is well known, the French Aristocracy met a very difficult demise during the Revolution.

The lower classes revolted and reclaimed power in a wave of blood and executions after growing weary of being subjugated by their self-styled superiors. In some ways, this new slot from Rising Royals Slot successfully captures the essence of the time. After a few turns, players will gain a sense of what a historically oppressed French worker could have experienced.

The affluent lifestyles of the 18th-century upper elite were incredible. We’re talking about jewelry that still astounds people today. Such ostentatiousness is demonstrated by the enormous palace on the loading screen.

It’s difficult not to stifle an unconscious gasp when the 5×3, 20-payline reel set, flanked by glistening chandeliers, graces the screen. The graphics are beautiful and vibrant, as is usual for Just for the Win games. But resist allowing them to fool you. This game is more intricate than it initially seems.

When you look at the paytable, you experience the first letdown. First off, there aren’t many symbols, and the ones that do exist have pathetic values. Starting off the game are the low-paying J-A symbols, which pay 0.8x to 3x the wager. A curly-haired lower noble, a duchess, a duke, and the game’s emblem make up the four high-paying symbols.

The payouts for these symbols range from 1x to 15x your wage for five of the logos. Not quite the princely amount one might anticipate from the well-heeled aristocratic society. Read more here if you are curious about when is the best time to play slot.

The minimum and maximum bets for each spin are 10c/p and £/€250, respectively. Players get a respectable RTP of 96.01% and modest volatility in return for it. Even when locking in a significant number of the high-pay symbols, the game tends to pay out regularly, but the wins are disappointingly few. Normally, you could anticipate a slew of additional features to intervene and save the day in this circumstance, but unfortunately…

Rising Royals Slot: Features

Surprisingly few features are there in Rising Royals Slot. A Respin feature that may also result in a symbol upgrade is one of two features that cooperate. When several high-paying symbols land on the reels, they become stuck in place and start a respin.

More symbols from the original combo or other high-paying combinations landlock into place as well. The cycle continues until no more suitable symbols appear on the reels or when locked symbols completely cover the reels, at which point the player is paid off.

Additionally, the chandelier meter on the side of the reels illuminates if a symbol lock occurs. The locked symbols are upgraded to the following highest pay table symbol when all three areas are lighted. Repeating the process is possible. As a result, the symbols are once again upgraded to the highest level if the meter is filled once more.

It performs admirably in terms of features. It might have been quite effective if used in combination with a multiplier or other symbols of higher value. As it stands, the gameplay can become a little monotonous, and the returns are little to keep you pressing the spin button. Of course, having a wild or scatter is not a requirement, and slots can succeed without them as well. But they would have been helpful in the instance of Rising Royals Slot.

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Rising Royals Slot: Verdict

Once more, Just for the Win has created a visually appealing but uninteresting low-value slot. Who is playing these games, one wonders? Because the constant flow of games produced must indicate that many satisfied gamblers enjoy them. The solution must keep casual players content with frequent wins of low value in order to keep the reels spinning.

Another attractive but uninteresting low-value slot has been created by Just for the Win. Who is actually engaging in these games, one wonders? Because the constant stream that is produced must indicate that many happy gamblers enjoy playing these games. To keep the spins spinning, the solution must keep casual players content with frequent wins of little value.Rising Royals Slot has fallen short of the competition in the royal/Aristocrat slot category. For instance, Royal Masquerade keeps things simple with a strong top prize, high volatility, and a ton of other features. The basic truth is that there are better solutions available if you want to gamble alongside aristocracy. Please also visit my other blog at timseogaruda.webnode.page if you want more slot review articles. Good luck!