Twin Spin Slot Game Online Free
Twin Spin Slot Game Online Free

4 Useful Review Twin Spin: A Slot Game Online Free

Do you know how the Twin Spin is? It is a slot game online free that you can play happily with lots of lucky chances.

We thought it was time to review an online slot machine. With a little sense of nostalgia, he chose Twin Spin from, it’s something different, slot developer Netent.

The Twin Spin brings you back to the old-fashioned feeling of the real slot machine. One of those top slots that you could find in cafes and sneaky snack bars around the corner. 

Think of the symbols BAR, cherries, diamonds and bells and the tinny sounds of those cabinets. Do you remember? To complete the ‘cosy’ feeling, Netent has added a landy heaving elevator music.

Twin Spin Slot Game Online Free Review

1. How Does Twin Spin Work? 

You can play on Twin Spin with a minimum bet of $0.25. In addition, you can only bet $125 per spin because it is the maximum.

There are no paylines. All combinations apply criss-cross from left to right; it doesn’t matter where on the reels the symbols fall. 

In theory you can win 243 prizes at once, if you have the whole screen full of the same symbol. (Five reels with three symbols per reel, so 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243).

2. The Feature of Twin Spin

A real feature is missing on the Twin Spin, but the slot has an extra: the two equally spinning reels. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but during every spin two reels are linked together.

It is completely random which two reels are linked, but they are always next to each other. In theory, thanks to that joke, prizes should be awarded more easily. That is also true, although it is often very small profits that in many cases do not even compensate for your bet. 

Sometimes not two, but more roles are linked together. Of course it quickly becomes more beautiful, in terms of the height of the prices. In addition, very occasionally all five reels even link up. 

You can also have exactly the same symbols on the five reels, which almost always results in a ‘Super Mega Win’. 

3. The 1000 Spins in Twin Spin

We played 1000 spins at $0.25 and bet a total of $250.

We were very lucky once during the 1000 spins: five reels were linked and the winnings amounted to 20 euros (i.e. 80 times the stake).

However, apart from that big win, it was a bit disappointing with the big prizes. But 10 times out of 1000 spins, the win was $4 or higher. The rest of the time it is mainly watching the spinning reels.

4. The Twin Spin’s Result

After our experience about playing in Twin Spin, then this is the result that we got. 

  • Total result after 1000 spins at $0.25: $44.31 loss
  • Five biggest wins in one spin: $20.00 / $16.00 / $8.25 / $5.40 / $4.50
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) is 96.6%

In conclusion, The Twin Spin is still one of the most popular free online slot game from Netent. Try the game dominoqq to get something different from the lucrative gambling games. 

That is not strange: it is nice and simple, recognizable and the retro theme appeals to many players. It’s a shame that most of the prizes you win are relatively small, even if more than two reels are linked.

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