5+ Best Video Poker Games with The Best Winning Odds

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Video poker games are one of the few casino games with reasonable odds and are worthwhile to play for a fast cash. 

Unlike slots, where the casino and the developer are the only ones who know your chances of winning, video poker allows you to analyze your chances of beating the house. 

You may even create a strategy depending on the game you’re playing, giving you complete control over your winnings.

There are no hiding odds in any video poker game. It implies that you, or anybody else, can calculate your odds of winning and beating the house. 

Instead of setting out the finest games, let’s take a look at how to calculate your odds with video poker first.

Then, do you know which is the best video poker that you should play? Do not worry! This article will provide you with some recommendations of video games for gambling.

The History of Video Poker 

When it became cost effective to combine a television-like display with a solid state central processing unit, video poker became commercially viable. 

The first versions came in the mid-1970s, about the same time as the first personal computers, though they were crude by today’s standards.

SIRCOMA (Si Redd’s Coin Machines) debuted Draw Poker in 1979, solidifying video poker’s position. 

Video poker became extremely popular in casinos throughout the 1980s, as customers found the machines less daunting than playing table games.

Many casinos now include video poker as a popular game on their gaming floors. Locals in Las Vegas, who prefer to gamble in casinos off the Strip, are particularly fond of the game. 

These small-town casinos frequently have lower-denomination slot machines and better chances. Video poker has produced money for a few people who are good at calculating odds.

Calculating The Odds for Find The Best Video Poker

You can find the best video poker when you already have the odds. Then, you need to calculate it.

Video poker uses the same 52-card deck as traditional poker. That implies you have a one in 52 chance of receiving a certain card, a one in 13 chance of obtaining a specific number, and a one in four chance of getting a given suit.

In every video poker game, those are the starting odds. Because you know your chances of receiving a certain card, you may use that information to calculate the expected return on it. 

You may wonder how you calculate your odds. It may appear difficult at first, but determining which video poker game is the best requires only basic math. Here’s how to figure out the casino advantage in video poker:

  • Make a list of every potential outcome in any game
  • To determine the chances of receiving the cards you require, use the basic formula
  • Add up the different outcomes, the odds of obtaining each one, and the odds of getting any specific card

The “Payback Percentage” is what you’ll obtain as a result of this calculation. It works in a similar way as the house edge, but only when playing with a machine.

Payback Percentage vs. House Edge

When playing a casino card game, such as blackjack, the house edge is used to assess your odds. You calculate the game’s payback percentage while playing with a machine.

They may differ in various ways, but they both relate to a person’s chances of beating the odds. 

The house advantage is the probability that a casino will win in the long term. A casino’s expected payback percentage is the amount it anticipates to pay out over tens of thousands of hands.

Assume you’re playing blackjack and you’ve figured out how to employ the basic rules to reduce the house edge to 0.5 percent. 

If you play with the same dealer again and over again, the casino expects you to lose 101 times out of every 200 hands.

You may increase your payback percentage to 99.54 percent when playing Jacks or Better. This indicates that for every $100 you stake, the casino intends to pay you $99.54. This payback percentage amounts to 0.46 percent in house edge.

The house advantage and payback % may be calculated differently in different casinos, but they are still spread out across a large number of sample bets. Still, while playing the game, it’s the easiest way to figure out your chances of beating the house.

Video Poker Games Which Has The Best Odds

In video poker, pay tables vary, but any game with a payback rate more than 99 percent is worth playing. A game with a lower payback rate isn’t horrible, but if you want to make huge money from it, it’s definitely not worth your effort.

1. Jack of Better

This video poker game isn’t the best in terms of odds, but it’s the one you’ll find in almost every casino. It’s important to check for a casino that provides a 9/6 paytable before you start playing Jacks or Better. 

This game’s payback rate rises to 99.54 percent, which is higher than the odds of professional blackjack players.

The game is simple and looks kind of like 5 Card Draw. You’ll be dealt five cards and must pick which ones to retain before grading your hand using poker rankings. 

The payoff is determined by the hand’s rank, with pairs being the lowest-paying hand and the royal flush earning 800 to 1.

2. Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is similar to Jacks or Better, but with one big difference: the 2s in the deck are wild cards that can be used as any other card to complete a hand.

Because of this shift in the game’s characteristics, the lowest-paying hand in Deuces Wild is a three of a kind. In a five-coin game, the royal flush is still the best-playing hand, with odds of 800 to 1.

It has a greater payback rate than Jacks or Better, at 99.73 percent, but you won’t see it very frequently. If you’ve located a casino that offers Deuces Wild, you’ve found one of the best-paying games available.

When we first saw Bonus Poker, we mistook it for Jacks or Better since the differences were so little that a beginner may not notice. 

When you complete a 4-of-a-kind in Jacks or Better, the payoff is the same regardless of the card; in Bonus Poker, the payout is based on the rank.

3. Bonus Poker 

It has a payback ratio of 99.17 percent, so it’s not a game you’d want to play repeatedly. Your profits may change due to the high volatility of the game. Any video poker game with a payback rate more than 99 percent, on the other hand, is always one of the best-paying games in most casinos.

4. Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is the game for you if you’re seeking a video poker game that pays you to play!. 

The payment for a 4-of-a-kind is double that of Bonus Poker, bringing the payback ratio for this game to an incredible 100.17 percent! To compensate for the large reward on entire hands, casinos have reduced the pair payment from two to one.

“Can you earn a life playing video poker?” is undoubtedly the burning question on your mind right now. Almost certainly not!. 

You’ll spend $750 and make $1.275 every hour if you play this game nonstop for one hour with five coins apiece. If you continued to play Double Bonus Poker for 40 hours each week, you would earn $51 every week.

5. Bally’s All American

Bally Technologies is a company that specializes in video games All American video poker games are based on Jacks or Better, with higher payouts for flushes, straights, and straight flushes and lower payouts for complete houses and two pairs (8-8-8-3-1 versus 9-6-4-3-2). 

The full pay version (quads return 50 bets), which was previously popular but is now uncommon, is one of the highest-returning video poker games available, but the play method is extremely complicated and only a few people can master it. USA Poker is the name of IGT’s version of the game.

6. Sigma Flush Attack

Sigma Flush Attack combines video poker and a banking slot, with flushes being banked in this case. The machine enters “flush assault mode” after 3,4, or 5 flushes (depending on the machine), in which the following flush pays 100 or 125 credits instead of the standard 30 credits for 9-6 Jacks or Better.

The Conclusion

Not all video poker games are created equal. Some games have a low payout % but high payouts, whereas others have the highest odds but low payouts. Having the greatest odds does not always imply that you will win more money.

The house edge is always calculated across a large number of sample bets in casinos. So, unless you play the same game over and over, you can only use the payback % as a guide.

Gambling will always have risks, and payback % will only assist you assess whether or not a game will be lucrative in the long run. 

It isn’t guaranteed, and even those with a return rate of greater than 100% may not be as rewarding as you may hope.