Wolfenstein 2 review

Wolfenstein 2 Review: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2 Review – It was teased through a little teaser, Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus seemed to offer two things that made the first series appeal – the story and the power of the gameplay. Like the original series, it is a straightforward FPS game that has one main mission for you – to kill the Nazis in the most brutal way you can think of. 

With him, you can also dive into a world full of nightmares that illustrates what would happen if the Nazis controlled the world through the latest military technology, with a strong sci-fi flavour on it. But what Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus has to offer is more than that.

Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2 review

Game Details

DeveloperMachineGames, Panic Button Games
PublisherBethesda Softworks
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
ReleasedOctober 27, 2017
Price$39.99 at store.playstation.com
$14.47 at gdgames.com.au
GenreAction-adventure, ‎first-person shooter
Official Sitehttps://bethesda.net/

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Wolfenstein 2 Review: The New Colossus, The Pros

There are several pros you can find in many aspects of the game Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus. And the followings are their brief review.

Visual & Graphic Quality

Wolfenstein 2 Review

If we talk about visual quality, especially from a technical point of view, the implementation of the latest engine for Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus does make it look more pleasing to the eye. Especially if we talk about cut-scenes which are now reinforced by animated facial movements and also more lively reactions. 

If we have to talk about the elements of a dazzling presentation, it is the Machine Games’ ability to develop a world under Nazi leadership that is gripping but also charming at the same time. With it, they also dress up characters and stories that are ready to make you excited.

In the Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus, the world under the leadership of the Nazis was concocted with no restraint at all so that you can feel disgusted but also fascinated with it. Filled with swastikas, Nazi troops are now reinforced with cool sci-fi military technology, from just the choice of standard weapons they carry, the armour/ they use, to more advanced technology such as Mecha or even, guard dog robots that can breathe fire without stopping. 

Game with Open Concept of Issues 

The world you encounter is also not a beautiful world. As an organization that encourages the purification of the Aryan race, it is represented by horror stories. You can see how not only Jews, but also people with colored races were led and executed without any doubt from a moral point of view.

With him, you will no longer be trapped in a linear battlefield. Most of the “game arenas” that you explore will carry a slightly open concept, as well as help you get a clearer picture of what has happened to America and why this superpower is submissive. 

You will explore a former city that was the victim of an atomic bomb and ended up leaving only ruins full of burnt marks, a small town under Nazi control with a parade full of swastikas and racist groups – the KKK that ruled there, to various Nazi military facilities that had technology. Fantastic and incredible design on it. 

The Visuals Aren’t Stunning, But The Design Ideas Make Us Fall In Love

Technically, Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus may not be a visually stunning game. But in terms of design, it’s hard not to fall in love with him. With the right combination of visuals and music, which will even leave a familiar feeling for those of you who had tasted DOOM in the past because the beats that always flow match the action you are running, your action of killing these Nazis will end up even more fantastic. 

Game of Challenging Actions

Moreover, Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus also offers a decent level of gore. We are talking about a game that uses a small axe to attack, which is able to make the enemy’s body breaks up so easily. With the game, you will feel the satisfaction of doing this successfully every time you do stealth. Attacks with several types of heavy weapons, such as Shockhammer X at close range, for example, will cut their bodies off, including their heads that break without a trace. This is a super brutal game.

With all these combinations, at least in the eyes of those of you who have known and loved the Wolfenstein series so far, it’s hard not to fall in love with what Machine Games has to offer. Not from the technical side of visuals such as textures or lighting effects, for example, but a fantastic “nightmare” world. 

Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus, An FPS Game 

Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus, Calling it a “standard” FPS game in terms of gameplay mechanics, seems appropriate. This is an FPS game that asks you to move from one point to the next, with the freedom to kill or avoid enemy troops who may be on patrol. If you are “bloodthirsty,” there are tons of weapons to choose from from the start, with German names that are difficult to read and write. 

From Macinenpistole – the SMG, Sturmgewehr – the assault rifle, Schockhammer – auto Shotgun, to heavier ones like Dieselkraftwerk – a grenade launcher that is even ready to turn enemies to ashes. On top of that, you also have the opportunity to pick up and use a variety of weapons dropped by the Nazis, some of which carried heavier weapons with even more destructive effects.

Weapon Arts are Pretty Awesome

Wolfenstein 2 review

For each weapon, you also have the opportunity to use it dual-wielding to make the action of spewing bullets much faster and deadly. But in exchange, you will lose any specials that these weapons can use by using the aim button. 

A Strumgewehr with a scope, for example, you won’t be able to use for binoculars if it is used in dual-wielding format. Some special weapons, especially those you get from the Nazi variant with heavy armor, will also provide more destructive abilities, but require separate resources to be replenished. 

That’s right, you will encounter so many Nazis in this game Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus, with a wide variety of weapons, armor, and attack variants. Some you can subdue with one or two bullets to the head, others need dozens of bullets to just make their armor break and end up injured.

Stealth: Gameplay System in Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus

But, of course, there is one other gameplay system you can use to guarantee a more risk-free gameplay experience – stealth. By using your stealth and observation skills about enemy locations, you can finish off most of the enemies with this one trick.

Machine Games also injects a fantastic system to facilitate your choice of gameplay. There is a progress skill that you can get along with the frequency you use it. Once this skill has leveled up, you will get a new buff that makes it stronger or more effective. This system facilitates all types of gameplay, from just open warfare with ordinary weapons, heavy weapons, to those of you who like to use the surrounding environment to finish off existing enemies.

Game Allow The Players to Strengthen Favorite Weapons

Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your favorite weapon. Through the semi-open-world concept that he carried out at several points, you can hunt for an item called “Weapon Parts” which can be applied to unlock perks / strengthen your favorite weapons. 

Through it, you can inject Silencer in your pistol for safer stealth action, for example, or make Sturmgewehr now have a round piercing armor to produce a more lethal effect when fighting Nazis who are reinforced with thick iron armor, for example. Even though there is no obligation to look for it, it will be an exploration reward worth pursuing. 

Using it in several variants will indeed make your trip easier, it must be admitted. At the point of the game, Blazkowicz will also be asked to choose one of three unique equipment that will generate new alternative routes during exploration.

Wolfenstein 2 Review: The New Colossus, The Cons

Even though it carries the “typical” concept of an FPS game, Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus offers something new and different on it. The sensation of holding and firing a weapon, especially with the various gore effects that exist, has never been unsatisfactory. Especially if you managed to execute each of them using your axe. 

If you see how much we fell in love with the Tomahawk-style axe in this game and Assassin’s Creed 3 in the past, this seems to us, so it is a must weapon for an action game with super brutal animation that is “beautiful”. 

Yes, the game is brutal and full of gore effects. Be careful to not introduce this game to kids. The game has a big potency to bring bad influence to the kids who do not deserve all things related to the gore effect displayed on the game. But for you guys with a big interest in such a gore game, Wolfenstein 2 review: The New Colossus is well recommended.