6 Best Android Fighting Games 2021

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6 best android fighting games 2021 – Game nuances of fighting or fighting on Android are never empty of enthusiasts. It is not uncommon for young people to adults to look for recommendations for the best android fighting games in 2021 through the Google PlayStore. So that came the top games like Mortal Kombat, WWE Immortals, and others.

6 Best Android Fighting Games 2021

Usually enthusiasts of the best android fighting game 2021 from are men. Because they feel that the series of games below are challenging and interesting. Want to know what are the recommendations, see the following reviews!

1. Mortal Kombat X

Released by the developer NetherRealm Studios which was previously only compatible with PCs. Now Mortal Kombat X can be played from smartphones based on iOS and Android. The smartphone version itself displays differences from the main game version. For example, upgrading skills and tense atmosphere.

The mobile version of Mortal Kombat X game is a free to play game that features an IAP and a grinding system. Besides that, there are often special events and special rewards for players.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions

In fact, the game released by the developer Kabam presents exciting battles from superheroes in Marvel comics. Also equipped with high-quality fighting gameplay so that fights look real.

Questioning the combat controls themselves are designed intuitively. Players can take advantage of the virtual buttons and d-pad embedded on the screen. All game control is done with tap and swipe gestures.

3. WWE Immortals

Released by the developer NetherRealm Studios, the WWE Immortals game presents extraordinary fighting action from professional wrestlers. Just imagine, you can see The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, to Sheamus who wrestle each other in the ring.

One of the uniqueness of this game is the character of a professional wrestler who is able to issue god-level moves. Besides that, the in-game visual appearance has also been optimized so that it looks quality.

4. Real Boxing 2 CREED

The best android fighting game in 2021 released by the well-known developer Vivid Games. Named the best boxing game specifically for mobile platforms this year. The special thing from Real Boxing this time is the theme of the film CREED.

You don’t just play the role of a boxer on the rise. Instead, he can enjoy the role of Rocky Balboa who is a boxing trainer. The 3D graphics presented in this one game don’t disappoint because they are very detailed and sharp. As a result, you can enjoy the most realistic fighting action on your smartphone.

5. Ultimate Robot Fighting

Released by game developer Reliance Big Entertainment. Where displays a fight between robots that seem futuristic. In addition, the robot skills presented are also very interesting and strong.

In the Ultimate Robot Fighting game, it does not only present a battle of sophisticated robots. However, it presents a combat feature using a tag team system that is not available in other robot fighting games.

It can be ascertained that the fighting skills of the robots are more complete. Like dings and kicks can be done easily. Players simply swipe and tap available on the smartphone screen.

6. Gods of Rome

God of Rome is one of the best fighting games for android in 2021. In this game, you will also witness epic battles carried out by Greek gods and knights.

The game released by the developer Gameloft features complete gods and goddesses like the god of thunder Zeus. Seeing the fight that is displayed is very charming and easy. Players just need to swipe and tap so that the fighting mechanism runs smoothly. / Dy

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