Candy Tower Slot Review; RTP 96.73% (Habanero)

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In this Candy Tower slot review, you will understand how the game works to earn big prizes. Habanero is set to release this game, an exciting online slot that will be one of the many new high volatility options available to players each month. 

If you enjoy high risk/high reward casino games, now is an excellent time to participate. The type of game we’re looking at here is bright and colorful, and it’s candy-themed, as are many other slot online that use this cluster-style mechanic.

Best of Candy Tower Slot Review

With 6×5 reels, you’ll have 30 symbols to work with in order to form the clusters of symbols needed for a win. The system is known as Grouped Pays, and under the right conditions, the slot can pay as much as 42,552 times the stake in a single round. 

1. Betting Options

It has an RTP of 96.73%, but the RTP range is present and can be used to change that figure. Scatter symbols, wilds, random features, five different types of Boosts, and free spins are among the major additions to Candy Tower.

Even so, there’s nothing wrong with bad odds if you’re aware of them before you start playing. A high volatility slot will be similar to this.

What matters is that the online casinos use the highest RTP level available to them, which is 96.73% (it can also be 98.07%, 94.10%, or 92.10%, depending on the casino’s preference).

2. Game Features

You’re searching for a slot machine with Grouped Pays, that requires matching symbols in groups or clusters. In order to be considered a part of the group, these must touch on at least one side.

The use of wild symbols, which get their own logos, may be beneficial. They can be obtained in a number of ways, and they serve as replacements for nearby symbols, increasing the cluster’s size.

The feature that gives you up to 250 free spins is the most important one available in Candy Tower. To enter, you must first get six scatter symbols to appear on the reels. Random Wild Drops can happen while you’re playing, and if they do, up to 10 extra wilds will be added to the game zone.

3. Design and Theme

You’re looking at a very sweet-looking design in terms of the theme, which isn’t unexpected for the style. Many other slot machines have done something similar, such as giving us the same candy or heart-shaped candy, among other things. 

The reels, which are colored blue, yellow, red, or purple and followed by icons with Wilds or scatters, resemble those of many other candy-themed slots, especially when it comes to Cluster Pays options.

The symbols don’t have quite as much detail as others we’ve seen, so while the visuals are modern, there are good games out there.

Final Words

In the end of this Candy Tower slot review, this slot gacor game delivers a lot of value during its free spins, but gaining there isn’t going to be easy. It’ll be punishing the majority of the time, but when you get to the free spins, things may change for the better.

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