A Man was arrested by The Police for Playing Lottery Gambling at a Shop

The man with the initials SH (58) was arrested in a shop at PT RAPP Km in the Km corridor of Dusun IV Tapi Indah, Kesuma Village, Pangkalan Kuras District, Pelalawan, Riau. SCH. in connection with the operation of an illegal pool game (lottery).

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“The perpetrator of the SH was arrested last Saturday (around 20.00 WIB),” said Head of Public Relations Division at the Police Iptu Police, Edi Haryanto, Sunday (17/1/2021).

Iptu Eddie explained that the arrest of the perpetrator of SH originated from public information that a lottery game was being held at the SH shop.

After obtaining this information, Bripka Batubara reported it to the Head of Bareskrim at the daily Ipda Esafati and then an investigation was carried out. “

The team arrives at SH’s shop and makes an arrest as soon as they see the culprit’s feature. The convict and the witness were brought to the Palang Pangalan Police for further action.

“222,000 items of evidence and secured as cell phones with partner and distribution numbers,” said Iptu to Eddie Goriau.

Source: goriau.com