Splashy, During Working Hours Sijunjung Regency Officials Play Gambling With Staff

The suspect with the initials AW 55 years old is a member of the Sijunjung Regency Government, West Sumatra, who was arrested by the police.

AW, Head of the General Section (Kabag) Sijunjung Setdakab, was searched by the police during official hours while playing with his staff TW (51), JY (37) and MS (40).

They were arrested on Monday (7 December 2020) at around 13.45 WIB in the public basement of the Sijunjung Regent office complex.

That’s right, yesterday we arrested four Sijunjung district government employees who were gambling in their office environment, said Sijunjung Police Chief AKP Abdul Kadir Jaelani from Kompas, Tuesday (8/12/2020). com has been contacted.

“One of them is from the General Director,” he continued.

Abdul said they were arrested after information was often tricked into gambling by a number of people roaming the place.

When the police received this information, they headed straight to the scene.

And of course, when they get robbed, they have a lot of fun playing card games with money bets.

At that time, they could not move and admit that they were playing for money by betting.

Apart from securing the four perpetrators, evidence was also secured in the form of check cards and shares worth Rp 200,000.

The four of them were taken to the Sijunjung Police to be accountable for their actions. We are currently investigating it intensively, “he said.

Regional Secretary Sijunjung Zefnihan has apologized for the incident. Zefnihan said that his party had long reminded all ASNs to know the rules and regulations that apply.

This is a lesson and we really hope that all ASNs in Sijunjung can maintain the good name and integrity of ASNs, ”said Zefnihan, who was contacted by Kompas.com, Tuesday.

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Regarding this case, said Zefnihan, his party really respects and supports the process carried out by the police.

The police also informed all ASNs not to do anything that could harm the reputation and integrity of ASNs.

This article was published on Tribunnews.com