A Salatiga Resident Goes to Jail for Becoming an Online Gambling Broker

Novik Sidic, 32, from Italy, who turned out to be an online lottery gambling broker, ended up in prison. A resident of Pengilon RT05RW03 in Mangunsari Village, Sidomukti District, Salatiga was arrested following a police discovery at the end of December 2020 yesterday.

Head of Salatiga Police, AKBP Rahmad Hidayat said, the initial problem was only to participate in online lottery gambling through the Togel or Toto SGP gambling site.

After registering with a bank account number, he deposited the money and entered it into the selected number, “said Rahmad Hidayat, Saturday (2/1/2020).

If the posted number goes out, the subject wins and gets money which can be withdrawn through the registered account number.

“It’s possible that if you lose, the bet made will be automatically withdrawn by the gambling site manager,” he said.

The person concerned offered some of his friends to play online lottery gambling through him. Lots of friends who like to play.

Everyone who plays the online lottery game will get paid 29%, by becoming an online gambling intermediary, the subject earns IDR 200,000 per day.

Online lottery gambling on this subject has been going on for four months. But recently, the police found out about his actions.

We have detained the defendant for investigation. This issue is related to gambling under Article 303 of the Criminal Code.

Source: inews.id