Domino Offline ZIK GAME, Exciting Offline QQ Domino Game From ZIK Games

Are you looking for a QQ domino game that can be played without an internet connection? If so, maybe an offline domino qq game called Domino Offline ZIK GAME can be the one you try.

ZIK GAME Offline Domino Game is one of the games produced by the game company “ZIK Games”. Even though it’s not very well known, this game actually has a lot of interesting things that make it quite fun to play.

Review Game Domino QQ Offline – Domino Offline ZIK GAME


Well, in this article, we will try to provide some reviews about the QQ domino game for Android on this one. Without further ado, here are some reviews that we have summarized about this ZIK GAME Offline Domino game.

Game Visuals and Graphics

In the first part, we will discuss a little about the visuals and game graphics of this Domino Offline ZIK GAME game. From our observations, this game has very simple visuals and game interface.

For some players, this might be a minus point. But on the other hand, this simple visual also has a good side, where it makes it easier for players to play it. As for game graphics, this game presents fairly high game graphics, making it quite comfortable to play for a long time.

Game Features

As for the game features, this game only has a few game features in it. The game features of the ZIK GAME Domino Offline game are as follows:

  • Offline Mode – this game can be played without an internet connection.
  • Style of The Room and Card – Players can change the room theme and also the domino card style used in the game.
  • Difficult Levels – there are 3 game levels that can be selected by players, namely easy, master and Pro.
  • Players – players can determine the number of players playing in a match.
  • Emoticons – this game provides a number of funny emoticons that can be used to express emotions or feelings while playing them.

New update

Talking a little about the update from the ZIK GAME Domino Offline game, this game got its latest update in January 2021. In this update, ZIK Games improved the performance features of this game and fixed a number of bugs in the previous version. The latest version of this game itself which is currently available on the Play Store is version 1.3.9.

Android specifications

In the last part of this review, we will discuss a little about Smartphone specifications to be able to install and play the ZIK GAME Offline Domino game. Based on additional information on its product page on the Play Store, this domino QQ game is only compatible with Smartphones with the Android operating system version 4.4 or above.

In addition, your smartphone must also have sufficient memory to download and install this game. The size of the game file itself is only 23 MB.

Those are some short reviews that we summarize about the offline domino qq game made by ZIK Games, Domino Offline ZIK GAME. From our overall assessment, this domino qiu qiu android game is quite interesting and provides a fun domino 99 experience for its users.

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If you are interested in playing this offline domino qq game, you can download it directly for free on the Google Play store. Hopefully this review can be a reference for those of you who are looking for games that carry the domino QQ game. Thank you.

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