Some of the favorite Slot features that Slot Players are Looking for

Did the new slot you played put you out of the game after a few spins? And it all happened because you didn’t find your favorite slot feature in that slot game?

Trust me, you are not the only slot lover who has had a hard time enjoying video slot games for a long time. However, the period of modern human attention lasts only a few seconds!

Hence, it should come as no surprise that choosing a video slot game has become more difficult as newer slots are released. This makes it extremely rare to find players who can say they have a single game that features favorite slots and stands out from the thousands as their favorite.

Does this mean slot developers prefer quantity over quality? Far from it. New slots being developed are getting better day by day, but because there are so many companies developing new titles every month, it’s really hard to handle all of that.

This is why we decided to write something comprehensive on new online slots – listing all the popular online titles – and highlighting some of the favorite and standout slot features we were looking for in this game.

If you are not sure how you can pick the best new online slot games, this page will make it easier for you.

Favorite Slot Features What Do You Look For In Choosing A Slot Game?

We all love online casino video slots games – otherwise you wouldn’t be here! However, like everything else when it comes to online casinos, our love for slots is unconditional, and there are some features of our favorite slots that we are always looking for.

Every player will find something a little different in the games they choose to play and keeping their eyes on them is one of the best ways to find a video slot game that can quench your thirst.

But what about the opposite; what about some of the features you like? While tastes vary from player to player, there are definitely other players who are more preferred than others, so we’ve decided to share with you some of our favorite slots features – which we looked at before recommending a new slot game.

Wild Symbol

The first favorite slot feature is the wild symbol. You can’t say slot games are perfect or good without wild symbols. While not technically a bonus feature, the wild features are still special. They can replace all the other symbols in the game to form winning combinations, so they have a very special role to play in the new slot game.

A new slot game that lacks wild symbols, we tend to find them inappropriate for our readers’ time and we find it difficult to recommend them.

Spread Symbols and Bonuses

The scatter symbol is a feature of our favorite slots that we are going to present to you. These are calculated wherever they fall on the reels, while bonus symbols tend to appear on certain reels. These two symbols can trigger bonuses in video slot games, and as a general rule, the smaller the number, the better.

We’re likely to find new slot games with symbol spreaders, check them out, but highly recommend games that have fewer symbols. This is because too many symbols appearing on the pivot can prevent you from achieving normal wins.


This favorite slot feature can appear during bonus rounds, in the wild, via spreads, or any other combination. The basic concept with multipliers is that any win made from wilds and scatter will be multiplied by the amount determined by the multiplier.

Randomly Triggered Features

These features may be present in some other slot games, and they are some of our favorite and best slot features in the game. At some point during the game the bonus features can be activated.

These can range from simple wild bonuses to instant cash prizes. Some of the newer slot games may have progressive jackpots which can be won via a randomly triggered feature.

After that, we tried new slot games and highly recommend those that have a randomly triggered feature.

Play for free

What if you don’t want to play a new slot for real money, even with bonus money? There’s one last favorite slot feature that we wouldn’t like if we didn’t tell you about it – free games or demo games! That’s right, for every game that is offered on some of these new slot sites, you will be able to try them out free of charge by simply selecting the free games option.

The benefit of using this option is that you don’t have to save money to play the game and you can still play this game. However, unlike when you use free spins or welcome bonuses, you also get nothing – financially – when you play the game in free game mode.

Therefore, we strongly emphasize that the free game mode is the best method for trying out some new online slots in a short amount of time, but it is not suitable for the long term as any win that results from a spin might leave you feeling empty and frustrated. .

New Online Slot Features That Are More Real

Slot machines can be divided into two categories: Fruit slots and video slots. Among them, video slots are the only category that offers additional features beyond the standard game rules. By “features” we mean the special symbols and bonus rounds and are the features of the favorite slots. These are things that increase your chances of winning and give you a more enjoyable gambling experience.

In this case, slot machines with a fixed or progressive jackpot feature can also be included in this category. Slots with bonuses always attract more attention; because there are many ways to win and there is a higher chance of profit.

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Here are games with more advanced graphics as well: In fact, the graphics quality of games in some categories, such as 3D games, sometimes resembles CGI movies. In short, there are three features of the slot, and it is possible to list them as follows:

  • Special Symbols: These are special symbols such as wild and scattered. Traditionally, wild can replace other symbols. Spreads trigger bonus rounds just like free spins. In addition, he paid a certain amount of money even though it didn’t appear on the pay line.
  • Bonus Spins: The most common example is free spins. When this feature is activated, you have the right to spin the reels for free. You could say it’s generally between 20 and 40. However, in some games you can win over 200 free spins. Some bonus rounds are designed like mini-games and require you to choose between closed boxes, for example.
  • Jackpots: There are two types: fixed and progressive. Progressive jackpot games do not have a fixed prize amount. With each game played, the number of prizes collected in the pool increases. Sometimes it can run into the millions of dollars.

If you prefer slots with bonuses, you’ll have fun and win more. Indeed, it is the most popular casino game, and you can see it in almost all online casinos.

Best Slots with Features

For the explanatory instructions above, here are some examples:

Slot Names Give Bonus Features

  • Retromania Endorphina Wild, scatter, jackpot, multiplier
  • Wild Origin Ragnarok, scattered, free spins, multipliers
  • The Love Guru iSoftBet Wild, free spins, spread it
  • King of Gods Zeus Gameplay Int. Wild, scattered and free spin
  • Supaflush Symbol multiplier, jackpot
  • Microgaming Symbol Gold Attack special, mini game

Getting the Balance Right

Every year, there are many new slots launched, containing a number of features listed. You’ll quickly find out that most games out there don’t include all of these features through software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, and IGT tend to try and include as many features as possible.

We have many new slot game options available, but we tend to encourage our readers to try them out rather than taking our word for it. And don’t forget to find all the favorite slot features that we have mentioned above in your slot game.