4 Popular Free Video Poker App in 2021, Exciting and Fun

Video poker is one of the few casino games that not only offers some of the best odds in the industry, but also allows you to have a big impact on the game’s outcome by relying heavily on your talents. That is why players like to find free video poker app.

As if that weren’t enough, video poker is also quite popular since it has a low house edge (profit to the casinos) while yet allowing you, the player, to win a lot of money (in jackpot proportions).

Free Video Poker App

In video poker, a standard 52-card deck is utilized. After you place your bet and hit the “Deal” button, the machine will deal you five cards at random. At this stage, you must decide which cards to keep and which to discard or throw away. It just takes courage to win a lot of money at the best slot online gambling.

To make it clear, you need to practice to improve your skill. Try out this list of the games below. 

1. Video Poker Deluxe

The software appears to be basic and light. And, based on the blue and red color scheme, it appears to be a sequel to the old video poker machine. 

Grab your welcome coin bonus and start a game of Jacks or Better, Joker, Double Bonus, All American, or any game of your choosing if you want to enjoy the throwback feeling.

The Pros: 

  • The appearance of classic slots is appealing
  • Only video poker is available
  • Every four hours, you’ll get free coins
  • Extra coins are available for 1.99$

The Cons: 

  • It appears to be a bit of a bargain
  • Unless you wager 1-5 cents, free coins rapidly run out
  • There are no jackpots or bonuses

2. Video Poker Classic

Video Poker Classic welcomes you with a buzzing slot machine that makes you feel like you’re at a casino. It claims to be the best video poker game app on mobile, with 39 games to choose from. 

Ultra Bonus Poker, All American Poker, Joker Poker, and a variety of other games fall within this category. There are single-hand and multi-hand versions of each game.

The Pros: 

  • Games to choose from
  • Free coins may be found almost anywhere in the app
  • Daily goals that are rewarding, such as earning a specific amount of money or playing a certain number of hands
  • There are tournaments available
  • There is a Mega Jackpot available

The Cons: 

  • Uncomfortable pop-ups urging you to buy coins for real money

3. Lucky North Casino

The Lucky North Casino app is the mobile version of the same-named gaming establishment. 

It has more than 30 video poker games, which are grouped into four categories: traditional, multi-strike, multi-play, and dice poker. If you’re weary of the same old clichés, give it a go. 

If you want to try a more current approach to game design and hefty bonuses, as well as wager on games other than video poker, here is the place to go. More than that is available at Lucky North Casino, which includes slots, table games, keno, and bingo.

The Pros:

  • App design in the modern era
  • Other games besides video poker are available
  • You gain more bonus coins the more you play
  • There are jackpots and milestones available
  • Other Lucky North Casino developments are accessible

The Cons:

  • The page takes a long time to load
  • On older or cheap phone CPUs, this may be rather demanding
  • Some areas are barred from purchasing coins for actual money

4. Video Poker Free

Many apps are based on the nostalgia of 1980s and 1990s video poker machines. This one, on the other hand, is simply a video poker machine that has been transported to your phone. Isn’t that a deep blue tablecloth? 

Here. What about traditional card designs? Here. Because they were on 640×480 televisions at the time, even letters appear pixelated.

The Pros: 

  • Free
  • App that is light and fluid
  • Choose from 15 classic video poker games, including Jacks or Better, Double Extra, Aces and Faces, and more
  • There are no commercials, pop-ups, or distracting animations or noises

The Cons: 

  • For people who are used to modern games, it may appear boring
  • There isn’t a method to play for real money
  • There isn’t an iOS version

In the end, those are 4 free video poker app that you can download and play, whether from Android or Apple Phone.