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GAMBLING DESTROYS THE MORAL OF THE PLAYERS – Gambling is an activity and game that involves betting, where a winner will take the property of another player who has lost.

Gambling is something that is very popular today among the people. The severity of gambling is not only known among the general public but also among students and teenagers. But unfortunately most of the people do not realize the bad effects of gambling.

Gambling is something that harms the players, one of which is gambling destroys the moral of those who play it. Not infrequently someone who plays gambling and experiences a big loss is willing to commit criminal acts to be able to fulfill his needs in playing gambling.

The state government has officially banned gambling from circulating in a country. This is due to the fact that the circulation of gambling is increasing in a country. And the number itself is increasing from time to time.

Of course, this cannot be tolerated, it is even possible that we will be destroyed if gambling is too busy circulating in this country. There will be many people who experience the bad effects or negative effects of gambling.


Gambling currently itself has 2 types, namely online gambling and offline gambling. In the game or how to play it itself, these 2 gambling have differences. Offline gambling is a gambling that has been practiced since ancient times where the game requires players to meet face to face and gather.

As for online gambling, it is a much simpler gambling than offline gambling, where gamblers do not need to make associations to carry out the gambling. They only need to use the internet network and use a smartphone.

There are also differences between the types of online gambling and offline gambling. Offline gambling, for example, is soccer gambling, rummy gambling, dice gambling and other types of gambling that play it face-to-face and conduct associations.

Online gambling is currently a gambling that has many fans of players. Online gamblers must use a site so they can play. Some types of online gambling that are detrimental to the community are online domino gambling, online qiu qiu gambling, Slot online sites and of course there are many other online gambling sites that are very detrimental to the community.

Now we are going to discuss about how gambling destroys the moral of the palyer


Gambling destroys the moral of the players, we can see how in the end the perpetrators have a bad attitude, become temperamental and lead to various kinds of criminal acts.

Because a gambler will have bad morals, when a gambler experiences a very big loss, they do not hesitate to commit criminal acts to get money and use it in gambling. They do not hesitate to rob, kill and commit other criminal acts. Of course it is a negative effect caused by gambling, namely gambling destroys the moral for players or gamblers

Stop from now on to gamble, instill in yourself the intention that you want to change your life for the better. Save the money you have to use in the future which can be useful in the future. And also don’t forget to use your precious time for more meaningful activities.

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