How to Make Perfect Espresso Coffee

7 Steps on How to Make Perfect Espresso Coffee

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Do you know how to make perfect espresso coffee? Making excellent espresso is challenging. It needs at the very least quality coffee beans, a great brewing method, a decent, spotless espresso machine, and a grinder. 

Additionally, you must be aware of the ideal procedures for really pulling an espresso. Here is some of my advice on best practices and our daily espresso-making procedure.

Basic: How to Make Perfect Espresso Coffee

We have spent years researching espresso. As barista first, then more deeply as a coffee enthusiast and trainer of baristas. 

We believe we have a lot to say on the subject after consuming and making tens of thousands of espresso shots. We wish to share some of what we have learned in this blog post. So enjoy this top advice from us!

1. Clean The Portafilter

Make sure your portafilter is clean and organized before dosing the coffee into it. Your future espresso may (and most likely will) taste over-extracted, which is astringent and bitter, due to moisture and residual grounds.

2. Dose Correctly

The step on how to make perfect espresso coffee ought to be rather simple. With on-demand grinders, all you have to do is press a button with your hand or a portafilter, and the grinder will dosage the prescribed amount. 

Check your dosage on a scale before distributing and tamping if you want to be a very nerdy and professional barista. Because your dose won’t be too high or low, you may be confident that your extraction will be successful.

3. Grounds Distribution In The Portafilter

Based on Green Coffee Supplier, your grinder will probably dispense the grinds into the portafilter’s basket in the form of a mountain or a pyramid. 

If you don’t spread the grounds before tamping, the coffee will be distributed unevenly throughout the basket, with some areas having more coffee and others having less. Poor ground distribution might result in channeling.

4. Tamp Consistently and Evenly

So let’s do it in a more modern approach on how to make perfect espresso coffee. The purpose of tamping is to eliminate any air pockets from the coffee puck and achieve full leveling. 

When you tamp for a very long time and “hard,” the puck feels crushed and stops falling. Make sure the puck is horizontally aligned to prevent channeling and unequal, over, or under extraction.

5. Rinse Off The Group Head

You might wish to clean the group head to get rid of any leftover coffee before placing the portafilter into it. Simple method for keeping your espresso maker clean. Rinsing will help ensure that your group head is adequately heated, which may enable you to get more coffee extraction.

6. Start Brewing

Immediately after washing, place the portafilter into the group head and begin brewing! The heat from the group head may “burn” the surface of your coffee if you don’t start brewing right away, producing bitter flavors in the finished product.

7. Be Aware While Brewing Time

You are now making your espresso. Remember to keep track of your brew time if you’re using a volumetric equipment. 

You may wish to create a new espresso and/or adjust your grind size and dosage if the extraction time was either too short (under-extraction) or too long (over-extraction). 

When using a manual espresso machine, pay attention to your yield. For example, if your espresso is flowing a little too quickly, you are just diluting (mildening) your espresso and maybe over-extracting at the same moment.

Final Words

After the steps on how to make perfect espresso coffee, you can clean the basket of any remaining moisture and used coffee, wash the group head, and then reattach the portafilter to the group head. When things are in their proper positions, brewing the next espresso is much simpler, quicker, and better.

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