Hugo 2 Slot Review: 3 Important Things Players Should Know

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Hugo 2 slot is the successor of online slot machine Hugo from slot maker Play ‘n Go. Which of the two is better?

Itt is a cheerful ending that looks a bit like a funny cartoon(oh my go by!), with the ugly troll Hugo in the lead role. And that’s right, because troll Hugo (with only one tooth) is a popular cartoon character in Denmark.

Is Hugo 2 as much fun as its predecessor? Read on!.

Hugo 2 Slot Review

It takes place on and around a gold mine in a hilly forest. That is striking, because we almost all know that from the previous version. The background and the lock itself look fine. Beautifully drawn and sometimes surprisingly animated.

1. How Does Hugo 2 Work?

Hugo 2 has 5 reels and 10 paylines that you play by default. The minimum bet per spin is 10 cents. The maximum bet per spin is $100.

The symbols consist of objects from the world of troll Hugo: a diamond, a bag of money, a pile of gold bars, a magic key, a mine train cart and so on. In addition, there is Hugo himself,who counts as Wild (joker). 

Finally, a dangerous witch and a beaver. That witch and that beaver are not unimportant. They give you access to the two features of Hugo 2. 

2. The Troll Race

The 3 beavers in the picture give you 10 free spins, with some extra chances of winning.

During those free spins you score coins. Every time you have collected a total of four coins, you get four multipliers of x2. 

These multipliers randomly appear at 4 different symbols in your image. If you have a prize with these symbols, your winnings go up to a maximum of x8 (x2+x2+x2+x2).

During your free spins you also collect money bags.

Every time you’ve scored a total of four money bags, you’ll get four extra Wilds. These Wilds randomly come on the reels.

Is that all?


At the end of your 10 spins Hugo is back on the railway line. Two things can happen now, or a train is rushing. Hugo is flattened and the free spins are over. 

However, a beaver can also come along. You will then receive 5 extra free spins. This can be done up to two times, for a total of 20 free spins.

If the beaver comes along a third time (olé) then the other feature starts: Skull Cavern.

3. Skull Cavern

Three witches in the picture in the base game (or three times the beaver after the free spins) give you the skull cavern feature.

You end up in an underground cave. Through shaky boulders you have to make your way over a ravine to a treasure chest.

Every time you take a step, you win cash. But beware: if you go wrong, if something falls on top of you or if a swarm of bats passes by, then you fall, and you die.

You get one extra life by default. If you have played four witches, you get two extra lives. Five witches will give you three extra lives.

When you get to the treasury, you have to choose from three keys. The right key leads to a multiplier that can have your total winnings paid out up to a maximum of 5x.

In conclusion, Hugo 2 slot may be a little too childish, may look a little too much like a cartoon. You rarely have the idea that you are gambling, also because the basic game is so boring. Actually, only the Troll Race is really exciting.Do you want the most exciting games for gambling? This site has the best games with big winnings for new players. Then, come there!.