Quick Tutorial How to Play Dominoes Game for Beginner

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Quick Tutorial How to Play Dominoes Game for Beginner. The Dominoes game is one of gambling games that are very popular around the world. Not only popular in Asia, this game has been played in Europe since the 18th Century. Rules of play that are quite simple is one of reasons why many people fall for this game. Dominoes can also be played by many players.  

For those of you who have never tried this game before. Through this article, we will explain to you a little bit about how to play dominoes game. So you can try this card game later. Interesting? If you are, just check the full explanation below.

Basic: How to Play Dominoes Game

To understand how to play the dominoes game, there are some points that you need to know. Those points are:

How Many People Can Play?

Based on the rule, dominoes game is only played by maximum 4 players (minimum 2 players)

How Many Cards Are Used?

You can play this game by using 28 dominoes cards (1 dominoes pack). Every player will get 7 cards on their side.

How The Game Starts?

Game starts when the first player begins to play the first card. After that, other players need to continue and place cards that match up with the edge of the card that is played. For example, if the value of the edge of the card is 1, you need to play a card with the same number of edges. If you do not have the valid card, you must draw the card until you get the valid one to continue your turn.

How to Decide the Winner?

The winner of the dominoes game is the player that can place all cards in his hand. If all players can’t do it, the winner will be decided based on points. Player with lowest points based on rules will be decided as the winner of the game. 

Dominoes Game is Available in Online Game Version

Now Dominoes is not a game that you just can play in a bar or casino. The Dominoes game is already available in the online game version. So you can play it easily through Smartphone or laptop. 

There are many gambling sites that provide Dominoes as one of their games. In this case, if you are looking gambling site to play this card game, we suggest you choose gambling site with IDNPlay as gambling provider.

IDNPlay is one of trusted gambling providers that are used by many popular gambling sites around the world, in Asian and Europe. This gambling provider also provides many games besides dominoes, such as poker, ceme, capsa susun etc. So you will have many games that you can choose to play.

That is all our explanation about how to play dominoes game. Hopefully, this post can help you learn and enjoy the amazing experience of playing the dominoes game. 

As a last piece of advice for you, make sure that you always play smart. Never lose yourself in a game. When you lose, take time and walk out of the game. Do not play when you are not calm enough. 

Another important thing, we suggest you set your own budget when you decide to play. It is better for you not to spend money more than the budget you prepare. So you don’t have to be broke in the end. Remember!, gambling is gambling. You can’t win every single time. / Dy

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