The Tomohon Police secured 7 lottery gamblers

TOMOHON, – The North Sulawesi Police and its staff continue to eradicate the practice of gambling. This time the perpetrators of online lottery gambling in Tomohon City were also eradicated. The Tomohon Police Resmob Team under the leadership of Buser Bripka Bima Pusung.

Together with the Tomohon Police Division IV Criminal Investigation Task Force, Bima immediately followed up on the public report received by the Buser team.

“Starting from a report we received from residents that in one of the residents’ houses in Walian 2 Village, South Tomohon Subdistrict, Tomohon City, there were gambling activities. “Said Bima, Wednesday (13/1/2021).

Armed with this information, officers came to the location of the activity together with 4 staff of the Criminal Investigation Department. They also carry out raids. And it is true that there is lottery activity there.

At the location, the officers managed to secure Riko, the dealer, and the five installers. The five people are YP. YL, AS, ET and RM.

RL alias Riko (35) works as a motorcycle taxi driver. He is a resident of Matani Dua, Central Tomohon District who acts as a dealer. Meanwhile, the five pemsang are YP alias Yandri, 49, bricklayer, YL alias Lius, 67, a retired civil servant, both residents of Walian Dua Village, South Tomohon District.

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Then AS alias Andri (36), a craftsman, ET alias Edi (43), a craftsman, and RM alias Robi (51), a craftsman, all three are residents of Walian Village, South Tomohon District.

From the results of the inspection, the officer obtained information about the locations of these five installers. Then after we succeeded in developing this information, we managed to find EM alias Egen (39), a resident of Walian Dua Village, South Tomohon.

“From EM’s hand, we managed to secure the lottery recap that will be deposited with Riko,” closed Bima.