Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Review

Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Review RTP 96.51%

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Are you curious about the Elemental Gems Megaways slot review? With another slot machine soon to be released, Pragmatic Play is making good use of the Megaways engine they licensed from Big Time Gaming. 

This game is their upcoming high volatility creation, and it will have a Chinese theme in addition to the standard gaming area with unpredictable reel sizes. You’re going to learn that the player will also experience some surprises.

A Brief of Elemental Gems Megaways Slot Review

Elemental Gems Megaways slot review only has 3 reels with up to 8 symbols each are in play, Megaways doesn’t provide the player with the typical Megaways experience. 

This opens up the possibility of having up to 512 different winning combinations. The slot machine has a 96.51% RTP, a maximum payout of 5,000 times the wager, and a volatility rating of 5 out of 5. Trying to find its features? The only other features are the wild and a multiplier value that is presented via a fourth bonus reel.

1. Wagering Option

Players will be able to place bets between $0.20 and $100, which is the normal range that we’ve seen in many Pragmatic Play games before.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Elemental Gems Megaways slot review can pay up to 5,000 times the stake given how erratic the machine is. It is only unexpected that it occurs on a configuration with three reels, which is quite uncommon in this genre.

Although it has a high volatility rating (5/5), the RTP can be respectable at its highest level of 96.51%. As with all of their other slots, this one has lower RTP values indicated, so you should check the paytable to see which one your casino is using.

2. Game Features

Despite the fact that the Megaways system has the potential to substantially alter the game area from one spin to the next, it is simple to understand. You will receive a random assortment of symbols for each of the slot machine’s reels. 

The amount of possible winning combinations can fluctuate, sometimes significantly, depending on how many you receive in each column. However, Pragmatic Play deviated from the guidelines in this instance. This slot303 machine features up to 512 chances to win with just 3 reels and up to 8 symbols on each.

On the right side of the screen, a fourth reel may be seen. While that one also spins, it does not aid in the formation of winning combinations. To offer a multiplier for the current round, it spins instead. 

The majority of the values given here are 1x, 2x, and as the value increases, they become more rare. The bonus reel can yield multipliers of up to 100x, and with up to 512 winning combinations to use them on, you might earn the ultimate reward of 5,000x.

The presence of wild symbols will aid in the formation of those winning combos. These are either replacements or independent contractors. They are the biggest payouts on the slot machine by themselves, paying 5 times the bet for each combo.

3. Design and Theme

The components stated above seem to have been taken from Chinese culture, not Western civilization. There are carvings all around the reels and in the surrounding area, but elsewhere you don’t see many of them. The images are unremarkable, especially when we consider how the symbols were created.

The five Chinese fantasy elements—water, earth, wood, metal, and fire—are represented by the symbols that were chosen to appear on the game’s reels. Another prominent symbol, along with the Wheel multiplier and the Golden Yin Yang, is a Chinese temple (wild).

Our Conclusion

Overall of Elemental Gems Megaways slot review, even if there are only 3 reels in the game, it is still impressive. The Megaways system may not offer as many winning combinations, but those enormous multipliers more than make up for it.

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