Online gambling dealer Arrested by Manado Police Paniki Team

Under the leadership of Aiptu Karimudin, the Manado Rimbas III Paniki Police Team again arrested a dealer suspected of being an online lottery dealer, as well as two of his men who were acting as sellers. retail and collections.

The three suspects all have the short name HP alias Hanny (47 years), a resident of Sario Kotabaru Village, Sario Kecanatan, Manado City, Vietnam alias Vicky (49 years), a resident of Ranotana Weru Village, Kec. Wanea, Kota Manado and alias HW Hengki (62 years), a resident of Sario Village, Sario District, Manado City.

Three of them were arrested on Thursday (20 February 2020), at different locations. The arrests began with public reports that there was an online lottery gambling place at the Karombasan Manado Market Complex, North Sulawesi.

It didn’t take long, the Manado Police team headed straight to that location. As a result, the group has protected one retailer, namely the Vicky man.

The police also found a piece of lottery summary paper and other evidence, namely a conversation via WhatsApp, with a lottery number with a man suspected of being Hanny’s bookmaker.

The team then continued development, looking for the whereabouts of Hanny’s men, by asking Viky’s men to receive the lottery money that was sent, by communicating via cellphone with the dealer. post by Hanny.

As a result, Hanny’s dealer takes care of Viky’s men that he will order everyone to take the lottery money.

Not long after, a man named Hengky appeared who came to receive lottery deposits at the Karombasan Market Health Center complex, Manado city, North Sulawesi.

At the specified location, the team immediately defended Hengky’s men, then the team asked where Hengky’s dealer was, and Hengky’s men immediately replied that the dealer was at his house.

Without having to wait long, the team headed straight for the lottery agent in the Sario Kota Baru area, Sario District, and immediately protected the Hanny man without any resistance.

A Hanny man could only surrender, when the two admitted that he was indeed a merchant. Furthermore, three suspects of online lottery gambling have been brought to the Manado Police for further processing.

Meanwhile, Kapolresta Manado Kombes Pol Benny Bawensel, through Kapolres Manado AKP Tommy Aruan, has confirmed his arrest.

Yes, for example in the case of Unit III Manado Police, “he said.

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