Online Gambling Woman in Pluit Arrested by Police

The Jakarta Metro Police Association has arrested a female suspect with the initials A (35) in an online gambling case. Perpetrators can make a profit of IDR 50 million per month from gambling.

The profit is around Rp. 50 million per month, said Jaya Kompol Ridwan R Soplanit, Head of Resmob Polda Metro, in his statement, Friday (9/8/2017).

When carrying out the action, the perpetrator visited online sites such as and The money paid in this game of chance is transferred to the relevant account.

“The suspect gambled on his cellphone or laptop by entering the address of an online gambling site that is already available on the Internet and then transacted through an online bank account or transfer,” said Ridwan.

This online gambling started in October 2016. Other players involved in online gambling are still looking for new opportunities.

“From October 2016 to September 2017,” said Ridwan.

A was arrested on Tuesday (5/9) night in the Pluit area, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. He is suspected of committing Article 303 Paragraph 1-3e of the Criminal Code and / or Article 303 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code related to gambling crimes.

The police also obtained evidence in this case, namely one cellphone, two ATM cards and two bank accounts.