Lottery Gambling: Why is It Still Rampant & What Are The Legal Provisions

Talking about lottery gambling in Indonesia is indeed endless. There are just key issues that are fun to discuss, starting from its never-ending existence (on the contrary, it is increasing every time), the legal provisions, the possibility of other sanctions that can be used as the best solution, the lottery gambling cases that are rampant in the regions, and many others. 

A phenomenon like this is the fact that lottery gambling in Indonesia is like a double-edged sword from the point of view of those who are pro and those who are contra. The pros of course refer to the lottery dealers and their players, while the contra are those who consistently want to combat gambling practices in general. 

Factors Supporting the Rise of Lottery Gambling in Indonesia

Lottery gambling in Indonesia is included in the acute level category because there are so many lottery gambling practices in our country, especially in the regions. There are several factors that support the emergence of the findings of lottery gambling cases in Indonesia. 

The most important supporting factors are the economic conditions of the people in particular and the general economic conditions of the country. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this condition has worsened and forced layoffs, layoffs of employees, and even salary cuts. 

Although the central government has helped the community financially through the distribution of social assistance in villages, apparently this is not the right solution.

A number of residents receive food assistance (ANTARA FOTO/Aji Setyawan)

People still complain about their difficult living conditions. For their daily needs, they have to rack their brains on how they and their families can eat. 

Another supporting factor is the culture of our society which then makes gamblers and bookies seem not to be deterred by the legal consequences that exist in Indonesia. Apparently this problem was also triggered by the attitude of law enforcement officials, especially the police, who were considered less firm in eradicating gambling. 

The last supporting factor that we want to convey is the attitude of the government, especially the makers of the Criminal Code (DPR), which is considered inconsistent with regard to the formulation of gambling articles. There are a number of articles that seem to legitimize legal gambling if it gets permission from the party who has the authority to do so. Of course this will be a gap and fresh air for gamblers, especially those who have ‘access’ with the elite. 

Various Togel Gambling Cases in Indonesia


The existence of several supporting factors above seems to trigger an increase in lottery gambling practices in Indonesia. In fact, there are many findings of lottery gambling cases, both players and dealers, who usually operate in areas. And here are 3 examples of lottery gambling cases that we have summarized successfully.

The Case of Bandar Togel in South Kalimantan

His name is Fedy. He is a young man but has to spend his days behind bars due to his crimes. Fredy has apparently been a lottery bookie since 2013. During his time as a bookie, he has reaped many benefits. In fact, he once made a profit of approximately 1 billion in a month.

Fredy was raided and secured at his home in an elite residential area in South Kalimantan. From the results of the investigation by the police team, a number of evidences have been collected, such as 3 luxury cars, 33 million rupiah in cash, 5 ATM cards, 7 savings books, 22 cell phones, 1 laptop unit, and a book containing a list of names. subordinates. 

Regarding his profession as a lottery bookie, many people around do not know about it. In the eyes of the residents, Fredy is a young man who rarely mingles with society. His door was always locked and he rarely left the house.

The neighbors were surprised by the presence of Fredy’s luxury cars. All they know, Fredy is an unemployed. So, where did he get those 3 luxury cars from; apparently the answer is because he works as a bookie. 

Fredy himself had previously served a sentence for a similar case. With Fredy’s arrest for the second time, this further proves that there are many lottery bookies who seem never to be deterred from dealing with the authorities. 

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The Case of Bandar Togel in Kebumen

This case happened to a young man named FR or commonly called Fat by local residents. FR is a resident of Jatinegara Village, Kebumen Regency. Shortly after the search, several pieces of evidence were obtained, such as 2 bundles of used purchase notes, 1 bundle of unused notes, 2 pieces of paper containing lottery results, 7 sheets of lottery purchase paper, stationery, and Rp. 507,000;

The search was carried out by the police following several reports from the public. They admitted that they were worried about the gambling activities that had recently been rife in their village. FR is none other than a port that operates in the area of ​​Kebumen Regency and its surroundings.

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The Case of Father-Son Togel City

There is also a case of lottery gambling that has again occurred in South Kalimantan, to be precise in Hulu Sungai Utara (HSU). This time the perpetrators were two people, namely MN and ME who were none other than father and son. This case was revealed from reports from the public who had been made restless by MN’s behavior. 

MN seems to have been a lottery dealer for quite a while. Even this ‘profession’ is no longer a secret. What makes people unable to remain silent is the action of MN which also dragged ME, his son, into the world of gambling. Together with his father, ME (26 years old) was willing to spend his youth as a lottery dealer at HSU, South Kalimantan. 

Now both are secured at the HSU Police Headquarters, South Kalimantan, to undergo the investigation process. Both face a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a fine of 25 million rupiah in accordance with article 303 on gambling. MN and ME admit that they are very sorry. 

Unlike the two previous lottery bookie cases, the lottery gambling case that dragged MN and ME is an online lottery gambling case where this case is still rarely found. Both use mobile media to launch the action. 

The two cell phones they use are communication media with the online lottery gambling agent Jostoto. Now with the source of these two mobile units, the police are combing the site and online lottery betting agent Jostoto. Then related to evidence, the police have secured two mobile phones, 1 sheet of paper containing lottery predictions, 1 ATM, and stationery used to record and record. 

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There is an impression of the omission of lottery gambling in Indonesia


The three lottery gambling cases above are just a small sample of the many lottery gambling cases in Indonesia. You could say these 3 cases are only the tip of the nail from the thousands of gambling cases that have occurred in our country. 

This condition is certainly a source of thought for the community and the government in particular related to efforts to eradicate gambling. From this condition, it seems that the government actually has less firm authority in terms of eradicating gambling.

On the other hand, there is an impression that gambling in Indonesia is allowed. This has also been conveyed by a social observer, namely Zaedi Bashiturrozak who regularly participates in various lottery gambling cases in Indonesia. He conveyed several things related to this topic.

One of them is Zaedi’s observation that law enforcement officials in our country are less strict and less serious in dealing with gambling. He is very concerned that the practice of gambling in Indonesia is still high. Especially during a pandemic like this. 

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The Trigger Factors for the Rise of Togel

It may be true that there are several triggering factors why the practice of lottery gambling in Indonesia is rising in the midst of this pandemic. One of the most important triggering factors is the sluggish economic condition of our society.

Most people then take shortcuts to meet their daily needs. One of them is by playing lottery gambling. The existence of many lottery dealers and scattered in almost all villages also supports this. There is a symbiotic factor of mutualism for both.

Why has the lottery become a favorite for small people? First, lottery is an easy game to play. Second, lottery is easy to get because every city is ready to provide various choices of lottery at affordable prices. Third, lottery can be played with a small bet capital. Even small communities can reach it. 

Efforts to Eradicate Togel Gambling

Well, from the rise of lottery cases in Indonesia, it should encourage the government through law enforcement officials to suppress the number of cases. The trick is not only by banning and eradicating gambling stalls, but also taking action against dealers, especially big-name dealers who are increasingly disturbing the community. 

Another way is to review the articles of the law related to gambling. Articles of the law that are still in force are actually already heavy enough to be imposed on gamblers. It’s just that in practice it is often different. Like there is a ‘game’ that also involves elements within the body of law enforcement agencies in Indonesia. 

As a result, the perpetrators received light sentences such as 1 or 2 years. After completing their sentence, they returned to acting. This kind of thing should be reduced or if it can be eliminated.

Not to mention the problem of the content of the gambling article which seems to contain the meaning ‘if with permission, gambling is allowed’. Of course this invites public reaction. On the other hand, the community and the government are trying to eradicate gambling, on the other hand the government itself is also making a blunder. 

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Social Sanctions for Dealers & Togel Players, Are They Effective?

Legal sanctions appear to be less effective in reducing the number of findings of lottery gambling practices in Indonesia. Another alternative is to participate in imposing social sanctions on bookies and lottery gamblers. However, the next question is whether these social sanctions are effective in deterring bookies and gamblers. 

In relation to societal ills, such as gambling, there are several social sanctions that are commonly imposed in society. One of them is to make the perpetrator as a gossip or gossip material. 


Of course we don’t like being the subject of gossip or gossip by most of our society. In addition to making us uncomfortable, gossip can gradually have an impact on our psychology. We will tend to be easily stressed, lack confidence, and are reluctant to mingle with society. This is only a small part of the ‘punishment’ received from this social sanction. 

However, it seems that these social sanctions will not have enough effect on indifferent individuals like most individuals in modern times. Many young people in our country have turned into individualists after the progress of information technology that is happening . 

So, it can be concluded in general that social sanctions in the form of gossip do not seem to be effective either for those who are perpetrators of societal ills. What about this second social sanction? Exclusion.


This social sanction is actually much more severe than the social sanction of gossip or being the subject of gossip. The impact of this social sanction is more massive because it will affect the people closest to the perpetrator, such as family. 

Exclusion itself has the meaning of showing an indifferent attitude or not caring about a person or group of people as a consequence of the actions that have been done by the person concerned. More specifically, this social sanction is given because someone has violated social norms that apply in a social system. 

Actually, it is more or less the same as the first social sanction in that this social sanction will not have a significant impact on individuals who are ignorant of the existing social sanctions. For example: a lottery dealer who goes back and forth in and out of prison for the same case; He is not deterred by the criminal law he has served, let alone this kind of social law. For lottery dealers like this, it seems that social law will not be cared for. 

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Online Togel Increasing As Impact of Information Technology Advances


Online gambling , including online lottery gambling, is in fact increasing its existence in our society. The audience is not only from the adults. Quite a lot of teenagers and even children also try to play it. 

Online lottery gambling sites that are easily accessible and weak supervision of site content containing gambling are factors that support the number of online lottery gambling players emerging. Not to mention the various promotional content or advertisements that contain elements of gambling which are often broadcast via endorsements on social media accounts, especially celebgram social media accounts. 

The cases of violations of the ITE Law that once ensnared Nikita Mirzani and DJ Dinar Candy are two examples of legal violations related to gambling-laden content on the Instagram accounts of these beautiful artists. 

Total Togel Eradication

In fact, if the government is ready and really intends to eradicate online gambling, of course this effort will be much easier. Moreover, the police have a very good cyber team so they can easily and quickly handle online gambling in our country. 

Zaedi also appealed to the government that the eradication of lottery gambling in Indonesia should be carried out thoroughly. A concrete example is by collaborating with related parties such as NGOs who can regularly provide various counseling about the bad effects of gambling. 

Or it could be by sweeping routine at once sweeping the crowd in the midst of a pandemic such as this. Police officers can also work with the community who participate to help smooth the process of eradicating gambling, and much more. While the important role of our parliamentary institutions in terms of eradicating gambling in Indonesia can be done by reviewing the Criminal Code on gambling which is still problematic.

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