What is the Stud Poker Rules

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Stud poker rules is an interesting topic to discuss. As the 7 Card Stud poker variant differs substantially from Texas Hold’em. When each player is dealt 7 cards during the hand and there are no community cards on the table.

Before the cards are dealt, all players are obliged to make a low amount bet called “doors”, which is necessary to ensure that the pot is never empty.

The door’s value is linked to the limits of the table you are participating in and always less than the amount of the minimum bet. That can be made during the hand once the players have received the cards.

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Stud Poker Rules : Distribution and Bring In

At the end of the mandatory betting phase, each player receives 3 cards, two of which are face down and one face up and therefore visible to all present at the table. They must know stud poker rules.

So, the player who received the lowest face-up card must make another mandatory bet, the value of which can be equal to the table’s minimum limit or its half: for example, in a 7 Card Stud 10 Euros or 20 Euros table, the The amount of the bring-in can be 5 Euros or 10 Euros.

If several players show a card of the same rank, the suit will determine who will bring-in, according to the order spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs.

At this point the action moves to the player on the left and proceeds in the classic way until the first betting round ends, i.e. until all the remaining players have called the highest bet (or all but one have left the table) .

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Stud Poker Rules : Fourth Street 

Stud poker rules show that each player then receives a fourth card (fourth street), also face up. The first to speak is the one who shows the highest uncovered score. This player can check or bet: if the point shown is not a pair the bet must be equal to the minimum limit of the table, if instead it is a pair the bet can also be equal to the maximum limit of the table.

Let’s take an example: (“Cc” means hole card) if the table limits are 5 Euros or 10 Euros and the highest hand shown is this Cc Cc A heart K diamond. The value of any bet must be 5 Euros. If, on the other hand, the exposed hand is Cc Cc J clubs J spades. The bet can be worth € 5 or € 10.

Once again the action passes to the next player in clockwise order, who can fold, call or raise and so on until he finishes the betting round.

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Stud Poker Rules : Fifth Street

Players are dealt a fifth card face up and again the first to speak is the one who shows the highest point. Starting from fifth street, the value of the bets and raises must be equal to the upper limit of the table: if the table limits correspond to 1-2 Euros, from this moment until the end of the hand, bets and raises must be worth 2 Euros. We proceed as usual to a further round of betting based on stud poker rules.

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Stud Poker Rules : Six Street

In this point the players receive the sixth card, also this face up. (This is the fourth and last card face up). As usual, the action is on the player showing the highest score and another round of betting proceeds.

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Stud Poker Rules : Seventh Street and Showdown

In this phase a last card is seventh street to  dealt. This time face down to all the players. Once again the first to speak is the player who exposes the highest point and proceeds with the last round of betting.

Stud poker rules show once the bets are over, we proceed to the showdown, that is, to verify the highest point. The first player to show their cards is the one whose bet was called, the others follow in order.

The score achieved consists of the best combination of 5 cards among the 7 available and the best hand is decreed according to the standard ranking of scores (from royal flush to high card).

As usual, if there is a tie, the pot is split and awarded to multiple players. The current hand ends and a new hand proceeds.

An important note about 7 Card Stud: The complexity of the rules, but above all of the strategies, in Seven Card Stud poker makes this variant unsuitable for novice players.

Our advice is to thoroughly learn a simpler variant (Texas Hold’em or 5 Card Draw for example), before trying your hand at real money games at 7 Card Stud.

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The Simple Stud Rules of Poker

The 5 Card Draw represents one of the great classics of poker, it is in fact the variant that was most loved before the spread of Hold’em or other types of poker born above all in North America.

5 Card Draw follows much simpler rules than other poker variations, making it particularly suitable for those unfamiliar with the game of poker.

In particular, this game does not provide for the presence of common cards for all players: each player’s hand is in fact made up of 5 hole cards and no face up cards are distributed on the table.

The aim is to achieve the best score of 5 cards after making the “draw”, ie after having discarded and replaced any cards that you do not want to keep in your hand.

Stud Poker Rules : The Dealer, The Dark, The Ant

At the beginning of the game a dealer (or dealer, indicated with a button in online poker) is arbitrarily chosen. The first player to the left of the dealer must make a mandatory bet, the small blind, the second player to the left of the dealer must instead make the big blind. The amount of these bets is indicated in the rules of the table and the big blind represents the lower limit for the bets that can be made during the course of the hand.

For example, in a No Limit 5 Card Draw 1-2 Euros game, you have the small blind 1 Euro, the big blind 2 Euros and the minimum bet is 2 Euros.

In most cases this poker variant also includes another mandatory bet for all players, of low amount, which must be made before the cards are dealt, called the ante bet.

5 Cards to Each Player and Start Betting

The dealer deals 5 cards face down to each player and the first betting round begins. As usual, the first to speak is the player sitting to the left of the player who posted the big blind. The third to the left of the dealer) and the possible actions are to bet, call, fold or raise.

If all but the players fold, the hand ends and the only remaining player wins the pot. Otherwise the hand continues.

Conclusion of Stud Poker Rules

Remember that once the first round of betting is concluded, each player decides which cards to discard (if they want to discard), up to a maximum of 5. This procedure is performed in a clockwise direction as is the case for betting.

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