3 Garut Residents Become Police Targets Due to Lottery Gambling Practices

There were 3 Garut residents who were targeted by the police because they were suspected of being the perpetrators of the lottery gambling practice. They were residents of Pasawahan Village, Tarogong Kaler District, Garut Regency, who were arrested by the police just before dawn. The suspects were caught playing lottery gambling while waiting for hot time to arrive.

Early Wednesday, April 29, the Head of the Criminal and Investigation Unit of the Garut Police, AKP Maradona Armin Mappaseng, said the three perpetrators were arrested at the gambling location by the Resmob unit. The place of the raid took place in Babakan Jambe Village, Pasawahan Village, Tarogong Kaler District.

The arrests began when the police received information about a resident who was suspected of playing lottery gambling named Maradona. Previously, the suspect who was reported turned out to be the target of a gambling operation in Garut Regency.

After receiving this information, the police dispatch a Mobile Detective Unit to investigate the reported crime scenes. At the location, the police found them playing the lottery, so they immediately arrested the three suspects. In addition, a number of pieces of evidence that strengthened the practice of the lottery were also secured by the police.

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Then, the 3 people who were caught playing gambling were revealed to be Maradona with the initials YB, NN and YH. The three of them are known to have different roles, namely there are those who serve as collectors and also owners of accounts on online lottery sites.

However, they can be said that all of them are collectors from a number of installers who place lottery numbers. Some of the evidences taken from the perpetrators were cellphones, Bank Mandiri ATM cards and cash.

The police are currently still developing the case. Law enforcers in Garut also regret that there are still many residents who play gambling during the holy month of Ramadan. The head of the Criminal Investigation and Criminal Unit of the Garut Police also complained about the perpetrators, where they should wait for the meal while reading the holy verse, instead of playing lottery gambling.

It is true, asal usul togel online has become a disease in society. Players who have made lottery a hobby, they don’t care about the situation and the season. Even in the holy month they still love to gamble. Until what happened, they were caught by the police to be accountable for their actions.

source: www.merdeka.com